Buy For Value, Not for a Sale

Jul 24, 2015

Sales are only a good deal if we buy something that we truly value – learn how to differentiate.

Pause Before Purchase - Wait a Week Before Major Purchase...

Jul 23, 2015

Major purchases are major decisions. Don’t try to rush a major financial decision. Instead, once you have made a decision, wait one week and then reconsider the decision. Often, more time to make a decisions makes sure we make the right purchase choice.

How to Evaluate a Military Discount

Jul 9, 2015

Military discounts are something that all military members appreciate because it helps stretch our budgets. Make sure the discount the company is offering is a good deal.

5 Money Saving Tips for Summer Vacation

Jul 2, 2015

Summer vacations can be expensive, but some planning, anticipation, and a few vacation “hacks” can make all the difference.

Declutter, Donate, and Do It Today!

Jun 26, 2015

Taking active steps to declutter our living spaces, donate unused items to charity, and find ways to sell items is a great way to reclaim our space at the start of summer.

What to Do When You Realize You Made a Financial Mistake

Jun 17, 2015

Admitting that we made a financial mistake is a hard step. Financial mistakes happen to us all. The key to overcoming a financial mistake is taking steps to overcome and learn from it.

5 Rules to Help You Save Money on Those Little Things

Jun 10, 2015

Don’t let how much you spend on the “little things” break your budget. Featured Contributor, Chad Storlie shares his 8 rules to help you SAVE money on those little things.

8 Tips for Setting up a Children Activity Account

Jun 5, 2015

We all know a family is expensive - that is not new. Featured Contributor Chad Storlie shares 8 tips to help plan for those unexpected children activity expenses.

Memberships are One of Your Best Money Savers for Family ...

May 21, 2015

Planning summer activities for your kids can get overwhelming and expensive. Check out these 8 steps to look for the best value from memberships throughout the year by NEW Community Contributor Chad Storlie.

3 Things to Know About Social Media Scams

May 15, 2015

If you are approached or tempted by a “get money fast” scam, it is important to know the possible consequences of taking the bait, which can be harsh. Here are 3 things to know about social media scams to help protect your finances.