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Does "I Do" Mean Joint Accounts?

Jan 17, 2017

If you are planning to take a good look at your finances and make savings goals for the New Year, you are not alone. This is a great time to make goals for savings, investment and money management in general. As I reviewed my family’s financial plan and discussed our savings goals with my spouse, it made me curious how other military families handled their finances.

Take Advantage Of All College ROTC Has To Offer

Jan 12, 2017

ROTC is one of the best ways to become a military junior officer and simultaneously earn a college degree. To take advantage of ROTC, select a great school, set your schedule to adapt to the ROTC schedule, learn from cadre NCO’s, and take advantage of training and scholarships.

Lessons In How To Pick a College for Career Success

Jan 11, 2017

Pick a college based on the career success it will deliver. Keep debt at the lowest level, network with alumni for jobs, ensure that you graduate, and stay away from activities that reduce your chance of graduation.

Why Wire Transfer?

Jan 9, 2017

Military Spouse bloggers share their experiences to answer the questions: Why would I use a Wire Transfer? How long does a Wire Transfer Take?

How We Became Debt Free in One Year

Dec 26, 2016

Last summer my husband and I became debt free. It’s hard to believe that we would have ever climbed out of the debt hole we were stuck in, a debt that was overwhelming and leaving us living paycheck-to-paycheck. How did we become debt free in one year?

Holiday Spending: Why We Spend So Much

Dec 16, 2016

Do you spend too much during the holiday season? Think about the reasons you spend so much. Is it because you want to, or need to? Here are 7 reasons why we overspend.

How I Learned to Save With These 3 Money Saving Tools

Nov 28, 2016

I spent the majority of my twenties living paycheck-to-paycheck. I am not afraid to admit this because I think the biggest problem among young Americans today is being afraid to admit they are not as responsible as they should be when it comes to saving.

My Favorite Homemade Coffee Concoctions

Nov 21, 2016

Are you willing to share your homemade coffee concoctions? Check out 3 of mine and share yours! Rise & Grind!

How to Plan a Holiday Get Together on a Budget

Nov 18, 2016

Whether you are trying to save by necessity or by choice, you can still have a successful and fun holiday get together with friends and family without breaking the bank.

Create a Get Out and Stay Out of Debt Plan

Nov 15, 2016

Not sure where to start to create a plan to get out of debt? Check out Chad’s 5 steps today. Now, smile, grit your teeth, and pay off debt.

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