Value in Volunteering

According to the Blue Star Families’ Military Family Lifestyle Survey 2013 66% of respondents had volunteered through a formal organization within the last year. Twenty-four percent volunteered 6-10 hours each month, which roughly equates to one traditional full workday. Twelve percent volunteered for more than 30 hours each month, approximately the equivalent of a part-time job. There is a ton of value in volunteering from meeting new friends, making a difference, to benefiting your professional resume and building skills.


Spring Cleaning Tips

Ahhhh Spring! It’s time to free the fridge, lighten the light bulbs, restore order to the ovens, de-dirt the dishwasher, wash the washer, help the Hoover with hygiene, and clean the cluttered cupboards! Tips on Spring cleaning that can save you cash!

What’s on the Other Side of the Door?

Direct selling is a bustling industry with much money to be made, so it’s no surprise that someone is ringing your doorbell. Do you ever wonder what’s on the other side of the door? How do you handle a solicitor?

Saving a Little Can Turn Into a Lot

It’s not rocket science, and it’s not some giant retirement savings plan, but it is our little lesson in life that we hope they remember long into adulthood – “Saving a little, can turn into a lot.” How we mapped out a plan for our children (and ourselves) to set a goal and watch our money grow.

Communities on are changing

Starting March 6, 2014, all the content you have enjoyed in the Military Spouse and Military Veterans communities will be combined into one place: the USAA Member Community. Why the change? To give you easier access to topics you care about and to interactions with other members like you.

Money Can’t Buy Me

You aren’t wealthy until you have something money cannot buy. Every day we have a choice to be happy, or not. In an effort of happiness discovery I have made a list of things money cannot buy.

Value Your Valentine

A day of flowers, romance, sugary sweets, hugs, kisses, purple and pink? The more money you spend on my flowers will show me you love me more, right? Wrong. There are TONS of ways to profess your love and show your sweetheart how much you value him/her.

A Lesson from a Groundhog

This year it’s time to break the cycle of negative money habits. You’re not the only making these common money mistakes. You’re not the only one who is currently caught in the time loop of repetition. But, you are the only one that can break free of your shadow.

Being Sick Can Cost You

It’s that time of year when you can walk through any public location and be bombarded with coughs, sneezes, and flu bugs. Ewww! Being sick is no fun, and it can definitely disrupt your life. Not to mention, being sick is expensive.

Understanding Your Pay and Benefits

Do you understand your/your spouse’s Leave and Earnings Statement (LES) and do you know what you’re entitled to? Understanding the basics of military pay is one of the most important steps in setting your budget and being in control of your finances.