Shame on you usaa, I guess banks will be banks. Meaning I expected banks to be thieves but I did not expect this to happen to military veterans. How can you change you're policy about atm withdrawal without letting you're members know publically. Do not thank me for my service after you Intentionally lie to me in order to steal from me . Usaa has 2 physical locations that I know about, one in Texas and another in Tallahassee . When I joined the police stated to me was,, use any atm you like and that fee will be credited back to you. There are at least 10 banks in fort lauderdale that I can join and use there at ' without paying. You reap what you sew. You are thieves just like the rest of them here to benefit you're selves ,only claiming to benefit the vetrans, let me guess there will be a monthly fee for accounts coming son huh?


Dear sherman laing,


I would like to gather more information in regards to your current issue. At your earliest convenience please send us an email to:  with your member number and issue stated above. A member service representative who has access to your accounts and can talk to you in more details about your certain situation. Thank you.

You can use the locater on your phone app or the website to find free ATMs in your area. USAA refunds up to $15 in ATM fees and you will see the rebate on the last day of your statement cycle.

Thank you Ms.Heinleiner!

Yes please congratulate and than each other for money well stolen. Neither of you are members you work for the bank. The same bank that told me when I joined that ALL ATM TRANSACTION FEES WOULD BE REFUNDED. the part that certifies USAA as thieves and being dishonest is the fact that the policy changed and usaa did not make this matter public knowledge. Go thank each other somewhere else.

Dear Sherman Laing,

I see Angela provided you our email address to send us further details about the issues with ATM refunds you are experiencing. To my knowledge, our ATM refund policy has not changed.


"You can also use any ATM nationwide and get automatic refunds up to $15 a month in fees the other banks charge to use their ATMs"


Like Angela mentioned, we would appreciate more details to be sent to so that we can have a specialist ( who has access to review your accounts) see if anything can be done.


Thank you.

I think Sherman has reading comprehension issues. It's always been clear that USAA will rebate up to $15 in ATM fees. I get the guy uses ATMs like ordinary people breathe air and wants to get $50 or more rebated to him.


Here is  a clue, Sherman ... for handouts go to Navy Relief or Social Services. 

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