time to Recognize.Women/parents who.also.serve in USAA. commecial

I saw the USAA. Commercial tonight and was.shocked and.disappointed that only father's were.honored/thanked. I served 21 years and was a proud single.parent. Recognize the many female.who make.and have made a huge impact in our military. Very disappointed pointed in the real message the commercial sends. I expect so much more from USAA. Shame on quality control and.leaders.



I am sorry to hear about your experience. I will pass your feedback through to the appropriate department. Please email us your member number and concerns to [expired link]

Oh please. This attitude is beneath that of someone with the warrior spirit. Warriors do not need recognition and certainly should care less of a company leaves their particular GENDER out of a commercial (especially when not at all maliciously). I get you are proud of your service... Really. But nearly every USAA as has some sort of female in uniform represented. Stop whining, their are bigger problems in life.

Warriors do not "need" recognition but they "ALL" certainly deserve it. Her argument is valid and your reply was not necessary.