I just wanted to post a note thanking USAA for all of the services you provide. I know it isn't easy catering to all of us and you do a lot that we all take for granted. You folks rock!


I agree! They are incredible and so patient :)

Thank you Jeff!! USAA is a great company because of our wonderful members!!


I was just thinking the same thing... I've always loved USAA and had high praises for their services.  

Thanks for sharing this positive post! (It's a bit refreshing compared to many of the others...)


While being a member for years, I haven't paid much attention to this "member community," but I was getting rather depressed by all the negative people on here after I decided to take a look today.


Also, thank you, BrianaHartzellUSAA, for remaining motivated and positive throughout your responses! You have dedication! (I know, I know... it is ALSO your job to be the Community Manager, but you still have some amazing dedication to do what you do... especially based on what I've been reading on here.)


Keep it up USAA!!

(Blushing!) Thank you JLR07!! Your comment has made my day!! I really appreciate you taking the time to post here in the community!


Thank you for your membership and your positivity! Have a wonderful weekend!