I am and have been a member of USAA for about 20 years. I just wanted to say that I will never give them up, here's why:
Have a friend who's father served but passed away a few years back. The topic of USAA and their benefits recently came up. He was not a member but I suggested the family look into it because it passes generation to generation. We sent a message through "my messages" inquiring about eligibility. I told my friend they will call you because security is great with USAA and they will confirm information to insure that someone (me) isn't opening a fraudulent account..... USAA YOU DID ME PROUD! The contacted him stat inquiring about the dd214 and message sent through my account. This truly impressed my friend and his family. Now I just hope USAA will consider his families eligibility although the respected arm forces member has passed.
The point, USAA has great security, follow up, customer care




I agree!


As with any large company, sometimes problems occur, employees have "a bad day", etc. That said, all in all, USAA is a great company and works hard to stay that way.


Thanks for your post.