AS OF TODAY, I WILL NO LONGER REFER ANYONE TO USAA: Since December 2010 it has been a roller coaster of misery. first we converted all HOME/VEHICLES to usaa, and in doing so we started off with the first of many messes. the check that was issued from our past home owners insurance was sent to usaa, they did not apply it appropriately as STATE ON THE CHECK FOR HOMEOWNERS ins. than when that was corrected about Feb. 2011, our vehicle insurance began it's rollercoster ride, THIS PAYMENT WAS SET UP AT THAT TIME to come out of the USAA checking account set up, AUTOMATICALLY that we found numerous times in 2011 would not get started. with numerous calls, and making payments, and then again another assurance that this would begin automatically. In Novemeber again NOT DONE, another payment made and arrangements were made for us to make a payment January 19th 2012, today we got notice we were cancelled. (mind you December NEW CARDS were issued) and in order for us to re-instate our ins. we would need to come up with over 400.00 and rates doubled. after numerous calls today the COMPANY is not taking ownership of these issues, and have gone as far to say they attempted to withdraw money out of the account and they rejected, OUR BANK records do not show any attempt and as you all know overdraft, or nsf notices would have been attached NOT>>>>> SO RUN FROM USAA, do not base their word for anything.