A friend is asking me for an email address to transfer me some funds and I am unsure of whether or not that is even an option with USAA - receiving funds with name and email? All topics I found are about sending money but not receiving. Any insight would be appreciated





1. Sounds like your friend wants to use the USAA Mobile App to send you money.


  • For information on how this is done you should visit this other USAA Member Community Post titled How to Transfer / Send Money to an Individual Using USAA Mobile App found here.
  • In the Transfer Section you can enter an E-Mail Address in the FORM found in the Pay Someone Tab.

2. If you are not comfortable with this method you can have your friend deposit money directly into your USAA Account by having them follow instructions shown in this other USAA Member Community Post titled How to Transfer / Send Money to an Individual Using USAA Website found here.


I hope this answers your question.

Can I jump on this thread to say that I understand how I can SEND people money using the USAA mobile app (which is great), but how can I RECEIVE payments from others who are not with USAA bank?


For example: a person banking with Chase trying to send me money to my USAA account.


Thanks for the help!



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Now as for your post and question.


  1. Based upon your example, in your case you might want to try using the Chase Person-to-Person QuickPay as described here. **(External Link)

  2. Also read information about USAA Bank Wire Transfers.

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I have a question about the main question though.

How do you Link your Bank with Paypal? 

I've tried and tried and it keeps giving me errors except one time. 

It said something along the lines of "This is disabled by your bank"


I have friends and family whom send me money through paypal and it has a button that says "Link your Bank."

It will not do it for me. Whats going on, how else can I put the money in my accout? Thank you!



How odd, I have my USAA account linked to PayPal. Not sure if perhaps this is a PayPal error? Have you tried calling them to see if maybe they are having issues on their end?


This post here tells you how to link via their website. Are you trying to do this on your mobile device?


If there isn't an issue on the PayPal side, you can always call one of our member services representatives, and perhaps they can assist you. Let me know how it goes!


PayPal Customer Service: 1-888-221-1161

USAA: 1-800-531-8722