if you are a vet... there is nothing happy about it...


Hi @Graey 

I am so glad you commented here in community. 


I can only imagine a "Happy Veterans Day" could elicit mixed feelings. A day of reminders of all the great Veterans you know and many who have been lost.


It doesn't compare to what you are feeling, so I can only share my perspective (as a military spouse and who unfortunately too have known some amazing men and women whose lives were lost in the line of duty). As part of the inner circle of military life, but not the person serving- I see the need for fellow Americans not closely associated with the military, to have a dedicated day to recognize, thank and celebrate the bravery, service and dedication our military members embody. I hope that part of Veterans Day would also include some quiet reflection on the lives lost (as we know, anyone who has lost someone they love, Memorial Day certainly isn't enough).


I want to express my gratitude to you for your service and your sacrifices and my sincere condolences for the lives you are mourning. 

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