i dont know if im in the right place but i hope yall can help...i joined the navy and signed the dd form 4 for aircrew while pending clearence for IT. my recruiter kept messing around and about 3 weeks later he tells me he has the papers for me to sign to change my rate to IT. well i had been preparing to be stuck with aircrew and after doing research and reaching out to others i want to stick with it now. when i told me recruiter that i wanted to stay with aircrew he told me that it was to late and that i was stuck with IT. i havent signed for IT yet in any way i wanted to know if this was true or if i still have the ability to stick with aircrew. thanks in advance for all the help


holysheets, thanks for posting today. Please know that USAA does not have any control nor can speak of behalf of members for a military assignment. If you have additional concerns, please reach out to your chain of command regarding this matter. Thank you. -Marisa