For the current service member,


USAA charge fees for incoming international wire transfer?


Also trying to get the house . Is USAA give us good offer and interest?


JJEE, thanks for your post. We do not charge any fees for incoming wires, foreign or domestic.  Regarding our loans, we have loan specialist who can help you with any concerns. You may click on our products tab and click on Mortgages to obtain detailed information or call us at 800-531-8722. Looking forward to helping you with your new home. ~Jen

Usaa offered me the worst loan I've ever seen in my life. Ended up going with a smaller bank. With my credit score that bank offered me the lowest interest rate possible for purchasing an RV. Shop around, it'll save you money.

justCarter, we appreciate you taking the time to reach out regarding your loan experience. I'm sorry to hear your experience was disappointing and our loan did not meet your needs. Your feedback is important to us, and I will be sharing your comments for further review. We appreciate your membership. -Meredith