how can I create sub accounts or secondary accounts?

is this possible to do using my main checking account create sub or secondary accounts with their own account number and debit card if not dose usaa offer the ability to have second checking account?


I believe this is possible, the term for what you are asking is called a suffix account. Usually this account is a sub account having all the digits of the main account with the exception of the last to digits which uniquely separates it. This account is connected to the main and if the main ever closes so will the suffix. Hope this helps.

how do I go by creating one or two? Also will they get their own checks and debit card or will they be using my card number?

How do I open the account usaa dosen't know what I am talking about a "suffix account"

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Did you  ever get this to work?  Did you find out if you can you get separate checks/debit cards for a sub account?




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