I'm not sure if I'm understanding this. It says I am not eligible for certain benefits. I have a general under honorable conditions dicharge, and am a 100% disable veteran getting VA compensation, but I can't get auto insurance. Hmmmm.




I am following up with our insurance team now. Thank you.

I know how you feel. My Dad suggested that I get an auto insurance quote from USAA because he uses them and because I also served. I honestly didn't think there would be anything to it, was deffinetly wrong there. I got my General Under Honorable discharge due to drinking, at least that was the excuse I was able to provide for my CO. I am now 100% through the VA for unemployability due to PTSD. It took me 8 years to calm down enough to even deal with the VA and get that. I normally don't even claim my service because of the sadness and anger I have toward the military. Then doing this today, just triggers everything again. Just to get an auto quote. You could at least have more options to give people with General Under Honorable discharges. While alot of them maybe due to inability to actually serve. Some of us got it because it was an easy way to clean up and save an officers reputation. Also on the note that I can get insurance because my Dad is a Nam vet... I did my duty also.

Hi scubasteve_0510,


I can surely understand your concerns in regards to this matter. I have passed along your feedback to our insurance team. Thank you for your service and membership.