All members and vets who are having huge issues with USAA and are posting, you find responses in defense of USAA as member named FullBird this person obviously is working for USAA he makes comments to people with reall concerns such as: learn how to read, or non of this is USAA fault you will find his response next to only negative remarks



Full Bird Once again you are comepletley out of line and appears that you have no concept of absorbing or understanding of issues. We are not deadbeats, no one who has served the country of United States is a DeadBeat. We pay our bills by accessing our accounts in USAA. When they are frozen without prior notice, it makes it extremely difficult to carry on with daily lives.


Greetings everyone,


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Thank you. I thought I was the only one who was full of fullbird.

OH MY GOD! Thank you for posting this! I was reading things as well and it seems like he is always putting in his two cents! Get a life dude and no one wants to hear what you have to say! You are probably an employee paid to stalk these posts and reply with praises to USAA! What a joke!!

FullBird is a menace to this forum. He has called combat disabled vets disgraceful for having financial difficulties. He is a sociopath. Search " FullBird" and read all his abusive rants. Unknown why USAA monitors allow him to post.!