I look for many ways to save on my insurance and would love to know if you are ever going to branch this program out to louisiana I think it would help greatly...


Hello and thank you for sharing your feedback for a program you wished we offered in Louisiana. I will share your request with our insurance team and they will be in touch with you. Thanks! - Darrell

I appreciate your interest in the driving research program Race_King.  As you may already know, the program is currently available to those with active policies based in Arizona, Idaho, Texas, and Virginia.  I did share your comments to the appropriate area for review.  Please stay active on USAA.com should we announce other states that can enroll in the program once available.  Sincerely  -  Justin

it would be nice for us, but lousianna also needs to bring harsher penalties against noninsured drivers. to really make a difference for us. cops that just green sticker a noninsured car are part of the problem.