I am currently a disable veteran that seems and to be getting better.
My neighbor has complain to the police several times that he hear banging sound from my apartment. Well, as I told the Police, On Jan. 21, 2014 I got my lab work back and found out I am anemic. In additional, I am taking medication that cause me to be dizzy.
Because I am dizzy , I have been falling throughout my apartment.

You know the police still issued me on every occasion summons to go to court and telling me that I maybe hearing voices ...I have mental problems...

I feel as a disable veteran I am being mistreated due to my disability.

I have notified the VA doctor also to document these incidence.

Can someone give me advice to what to do?


Call military onesource @ 1-800-342-9647. They would be able to help.

You can choose from a number of Veteran Service Officers affiliated with organizations like American Legion, Veteran of Foreign Wars, Disabled American Veterans. I have been successfully represented by the DAV. Do not attempt to submit claims to the VA yourself. Let a VSO represent you. They know how to deal with the VA.You are a babe in the woods without a map. Get help, that's what they are there for. Good luck.

This definitely sounds like a case of discrimination, as I posted here.




I would like to know more information and updates on your story.