serious banking issues and even worse customer service steadily increasing past few years. been with them over 10 years but had enough of them finally decided to get rid of the parasite the company has grown to be. For the past few weeks every single time i call from my phone number i have had for past 7 years and is registered in the system to recognize me, well all day every day i call its been saying "sorry youve reached us outside our business hours". Then i call in from another phone number and it sends me right on through! wtf usaa has my number routed to never get through, i recorded this and will be posting it on youtube soon because of course everytime i ask them why i am having this problem they say they never heard of it and dont know anything about it. These pro scam artist must have hired better crooks to gouge every red cent from their customers. Run people! Run away fast before you lose money you cant  afford and they deny you your rights! RUN!


Dear Member,


I regret that you are experiencing this problem. This does sound like a frustrating situation! I am not quite sure why that would be happening, but please be sure that we want to figure out what the problem can be. I would like to get a specialist in contact with you to see what can be done. Please email us at or click here with your member number and the details you provided above. Someone will be able to reach you directly and get this sorted out. Thank you.