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Once again, browsing the web I found a Medal of Honor. Located on wish at,
What the fastest and most secure way to get a copy of a DD214
Our son recently graduated from OCS at Fort Benning in Columbus GA. He was awarded the Distinguished Leadership Graduate, Colonel Robert B. Nett Leadership Award which was sponsored by USAA at the April 2022 graduation. We want to thank you for the sponsorship and for being my go to insurance compan...
What right does USAA have to control me in getting my money
30 years of membership and the increasingly far right political bent of USSA's donations and funding and the silence and complicity with some of the worst and most anti-freedom behavior and policies is the end of the road for me. I own my body organs, not the government and not USAA. I will be closi...
Who can I write/Email at USAA about their reprehensible support of Fox news. I'm totally disgusted with the recent comments of Carlson regarding senior military leadership. If USAA continues to support this couardly creature with their advertising dollars, I'm pulling out of USAA after 50 years of m...
Other Service MAJOR GENERAL CHARLES W. SWANPOSTED ON AUGUST 1, 2015THEGENERAL OFFICEROFTHE UNITED STATESSPECIAL FIELD FORCESNATIONAL MILITIATo all who shall see these presents, greeting:Know ye, that reposing special trust and confidence in the patriotism, valor, fidelity and abilities ofMajor GENER...
Happy Thanksgiving! Well, in about an hour... I got zero answers on from UX Designer. From Amazon Kids, yes. Politely we share a network connection. I will be looking into this challenge. Still no USAA Bank Account. Even though, I have a Military Family.

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Once again!
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