I am a deployed member trying to wire transfer to escrow for home purchase.  I'm shocked I cannot complete such a simple action.  I normally would recommend USAA, but this has be rethinking after 16 years with USAA.  The system asks for verification by sending a text when I initiate a transfer - of which I cannot receive a text because of where I'm at.  I also have limited access to phone.  But I do have But I can logon and 90% of all other actions by logging on like paying bills, investment, etc.  Why not this?  Also, if I initiate a chat while logged onto the site, my information is already verified...why doesn't that count?  OR...just send the code to the email on file?  I understand (and appreciate) the security aspect, but clearly there's got to be a better way than text verification.  For a bank that caters to military personnel and even has a section of the bank that caters to "deployments"....I'm just floored at how the answer I got was..."sorry for the inconvenience."  


Someone, anyone in USAA....make sense of this and fix it.  I appreciate your help.


Hello Deployed Mbr, thanks for your feedback. We realize this may pose an inconvenience. However, for security, if you are not able to receive the code via text, you would have to call us. Federal regulations require that we speak with you if we cannot verify you with the security feature. If you have a Power of Attorney (POA) who can call on your behalf to complete this, that would be an option for you. This can be uploaded to us by clicking on My Tools > send documents to USAA or fax to 800-531-5717.  Please ensue all documents have your member number listed,  Hope this helps, Jen

What sense does it make to send a verification code to a cell phone # connected with the account - which is not voice verification...but not to an email? that is associated with the same account?  After reviewing this particular site, it seems I am not alone with this issue.  There seems to be a lot of "why I can't help you"...rather than fixing the process to where you can help us.  If I am able to access my accounts full, pay bills...this does not make business sense.  I'm just trying to wire money so I can purchase a home.  Funds are available and I do appreciate security aspects....but only being available from 0900-1700CST is not wise.  I am not in central time zone....so perhaps enable your customer service reps with more broad hours to assist your members rather than one department OR verify differently.  There's the aspirin for this headache.


I have little confidence in any helpful response.  It's Saturday at my location and the earliest possible hope I have to accomplish a simple task is evening Monday.  Good job USAA!!    EABoD.