USAA use to be such a GREAT company to count on.  Now they just let me down each and every time.  Currently, my credit card which my family counted on for daily use was shut down due to fraud.  We received no warning, no notice, no nothing, despite them frequently texting me to verify other "questionable" credit card activity. Then when calling to see why it was shut down I waited on hold (no exaggeration) for over thirty minutes one day.  After giving up, I called the next day and waited a total of 47 minutes before I finally get any help.  Then I find out that they were questioning small local legitimate charges that have been made repeatedly in the past while completely missing the large fraudulent charge made on the other side of the country. Poor service, poor quality and a poor commitment to a USAA member for over 15 years.  My next call is to AMEX for the level of service and quality that USAA has forgotten.


Hoping you haven't opened an account with AMEX yet. I had such a horrid experience with them I will NEVER go back. I made a payment agreement with them when I was in a financially difficult time in my life. I honored that agreement and was still sent to collections. Once I was sent to collections, AMEX wouldn't talk to me anymore, and the collections agency was the most horribly rude group of people I have ever experienced in my life (literally yelling at me on the phone and accusing me of some pretty horrible things). I can't in good conscience ignore your post. I've never had an experience with USAA like you describe, I really have only had good experiences, but I can tell you my experience with AMEX was nothing but awful. 

USAA has canceled my credit card on 3 occasions due to fraudulent activity.  I am glad that USAA monitors the purchasing practices and caught the fraud.  However, I had my USAA property and auto insurance on auto pay from the credit card and USAA did nothing to ensure a switch to the new credit card- I understand the insurance and credit card are run as separate companies, but there should be better coordination.  At a minimum, USAA should have sent me a notice asking me if I wanted to continue the auto pay of the premiums with the new credit card.  Instead, they sent me dunning letters when the premiums did not get paid.  Now I know, but I didn't then.