I have been a USAA member since I received my drivers license in Germany in 1989. Through the years I have had Auto, Home, Checking, Savings, Renters, Rental, and Personal Belongings policies from USAA. I recently logged on to the Member Community segment of the USAA app and was astonished by the post I was reading. For all the years and all the accounts I have had and currently have through USAA, I have NEVER called into question the benefits of being a member. I did start to notice a recurring theme in almost all of the complaints I have seen on here and that was "user error". USAA is a business! And businesses have to deal with the good and the bad of the population. USAA has been an innovative part in the advancement of online banking and insurance. The customer service and level of professionalism displayed by USAA are world class. If you are one of the many people who have the ability to use USAA, USE IT! The benefits of being a member of this organization are too many to list. I am and will continue to use USAA for the rest of my life and encourage all those eligible to do the same! Thank you USAA!


This forum is a sounding board for the disgruntled as well as the happy and satisfied. Personally, I appreciate the fact that USAA allows people to air their grievances and air their dirty laundry, as they really don't have to do this. This shows some level of good faith on their part, in my opinion.


How many members does USAA have? Many millions and very few customer complaints overall I would guess, so all the griping on here is probably statistically negligible in the grand scheme of things. However, this is not to diminish the legit complaints of those that feel they've been slighted. 


I would say let those that think USAA is operating in bad faith go and try to deal with a monster-mega-bank and see how far they get. This bank has been the easiest and friendliest that I've ever dealt with by a long shot. Are they perfect? Of course not, but I'm not expecting perfection, only good service, honesty, and value. So far, so good. 

I, personnally, can't stand the current USAA comercials claiming "service" to service members. I had auto insurance with USAA for 15 years and, after 3 claims within a 2 year period, I received a cancellation letter. The claims were all minor, but my years of membership were, obviously, worthless. They claim on the current commercials to be committed to service to military members, but my experience was quite the opposite. I now outwordly warn all that I encounter to avoid USAA.