The Washington Post ran an article today quoting “the American Prospect reported that the bank took $3400 in payments from the family of a disabled veteran to offset an existing debt.”

Is that true?

Wr. Larry


Hi @Larry6436. Thank you for reaching out, and for your longtime membership. In the first wave of ACH payments, received April 14, 2020, stimulus payments were systematically applied to negative balances in overdrawn or charged off accounts. Under normal circumstances, USAA would take any unprotected money deposited to the account to remove the negative balance. We understand that many members are facing challenges as a result of this issue and are working hard to make things right. We are ensuring that members with overdrawn accounts will have full access to their stimulus payments. I hope this information helps. ~Holland

I'm not sure about the specific example, but USAA was doing this and it's a shame that USAA is being beat out by the likes of BOFA, Citi and Chase, large banks that have come out and stated they have paused fee collections at this time. Now is this all out of the goodness of their heart? Doubt it, they probably benefit in interest and fees somehow, but at least they are allowing members to have full access. I also on the other hand don't blame them, if you owe money, you owe money and it is their right. I did a quick google search however and USAA was not the only bank doing this. Others were playing games with only making a portion available, which is hogwash considering the money is backed by the treasury department.

@jimmyb84, We appreciate your comments and I feel they should be reviewed. It is a great service to give us your perspective and we appreciate the engagement in the Member Community. Thank you. ~ Suzy