Veteran Community,


I want to share a topic that I believe is relevant to all of us.  I've recently joined an organization that is leading the Warfighter Rights Movement.  Since applying for VA Healthcare myself and also joining this organization, I've become very aware of the abuse, neglect, discrimination, harassment, and denial of an equal measure of rights & beneftis that are aimed against the warfighter community.  The problem does not stop at the VA, though they are most likely the single entity with the most recognizable offenses.  These issues are occuring in employment, housing, education, and even the criminal justice system.


Boone Cutler ( recently spoke on the issue (, the veteran suicide rate, and how they are related.


The organization is actively engaging legislators and the media to put them on notice.  Each and every one will be identified by their deeds, not their empty words.  It will be known whether they stand WITH, FOR, and BEHIND their warfighters; or stand AGAINST us and our rights.


We will seek to replace the non-warfighter politicians by putting veterans to work - by electing our own from our strong leadership culture to the key leadership roles at our local, state, and national levels.


We are taking up one more mission, because it is part of our Warrior Ethos.  Expect to see action taken to rally, protest, and demonstrate; to show civil disobedience; to apply the pressure of public opinion and economic boycott; and to push legislation and pursue class action lawsuits.


Leave no warfighter behind.  Be there for you battle buddies.


Does anyone examples of this type of discrimination they would like to share?


Be very careful pointing out the VA's inadiquacies, ESSPECIALLY, if any person from the VA can hear you. The VA healthcare system uses a note system, that is viewable and editable by all workers within the system. If you are termed hostel, you will ALWAYS go to the bottom of the appt. Calendar. Best to use your private insurance supplied by your employer, or Medicare, since the VA does bill your insurance and Medicare, then you. I needed to see a retinae doctor, I was loosing my vision at an alarming rate, the VA gave me an app. 7 months out, and I'm on the PREFERED list! I found a private doctor, and he saw me the next day! Cost to me none, my Medicare paid.