Is there anyone firmiliar with the shipping container homes and if I can use my VA loan to build/buy one.



I would love to hear about this as we have also considered eventually building a shipping container home. I LOVE THEM! I think I have hubby on board too. Let me know if you hear anything back on this.





Have you made any progress on this goal?  I am looking for information about building a container home in Atlanta but have not had much success.  Any information or help you can provide would be great.

I had never heard of a shipping container home, but they look neat!


I recommend contacting your mortgage lender directly to ask if a container home would be covered. If you are using USAA the number is 1-800-531-USAA (or 1-800-531-8722)


Good Luck!

Why hasn't anyone from USAA responded to this? i would really like to know about unconventional type construction mortgages USAA will support. i realize you work with a number of lenders to actually provide the loans, but there has to be at least a general answer. Is it possible to get a construction loan for a container home or tiny house with/without land?

USAA Home insurance please respond. I'm interested in this answer as well.


Thank you

I have passed this question to our mortgage experts and will update when i have a response. Thank you!

I am on board with this idea too. I know that the VA home loan states that you can buy land with it if your putting a home on a peemanating foundation. I.e. a mobile home on a slab. I hardly see the difference here with a cargo container home rather than a "modular" home. Not to mention there really are so many benefits of the container homes vs modular. I would love to get some legitimate info on this. Please.

Here is an update! USAA does not offer VA loans for container homes. However, as an alternative we offer personal loans, which can be used for any personal use. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-531-8722 to discuss your personal options and situation.