I am looking to upload a poa drawn up at the legal office on base. I keep getting transferred to the fillable poa worksheet. Does anyone know where I can find the uploading site?




Go to "My Messages" (Top of page next to "My Profile"):


Look to the Right:


I want to...

   -send new e-mail to USAA (Click link)

     - takes you to (Contact and Support Center)

       -scroll down to past "Email USAA"

        -Get Help NOW



                   For help with these items, please send us an email.   Please allow up to 24 Hours for a response.

                        (Click the email link)

                     -Scroll down to the Bottom of the Page...fill in your information and upload your documents.


Good LUCK!  USAA Junkie!

Sorry to hijack this thread, but once you have uploaded the document, where do you go on the website to see the updated status?