Uhaul moving trailer covered by USAA Auto Ins.?

Does anyone know if a Uhaul Trailer would be covered by USAA Auto Insurance policy?


Uhaul wants to charge me $100 for insurance, but I haven't yet checked to see is this would be covered under my policy. Anyone know off hand?



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After speaking with a rep, I was informed my particular coverage was liability only (no damage), so I went with the insurance given the reputation of Miami drivers. 

I've been working at a UHaul center for about 2 months now, and would recommend to just get the coverage policy from UHaul instead of having USAA or any other company cover it. The policy will cover a good bit of money and you really don't want to pay for any damange caused to that truck! It's way too expensive to have to pay for it out of pocket or have the insurance company cover it, especially if you're low on the pay scale.  And if you choose to have the insurance company cover it, you will have to pay out of your own pocket first and then try to get reimbursed through your insurance. Not worth it in my eyes....some of the damage to that truck can be as low as $50 or as high as having to pay for a whole new truck. Don't put that on your insurance or risk having your premium go up! Do yourself a favor and just pay for the extra coverage. It's not insurance anyways, its just a coverage policy that will pay out for if anything happens to you, anyone in the truck, and your belongings in the truck. 




I completely agree; I work for U-Haul on the side too. I do not try to sell something to someone who does not need it. The coverage is worth it. Even if USAA does cover it, YOU will be financially obligated to pay for the damages out of pocket at the time of equipment return, then settle any claim with your insurance, and hopefully be reimbursed later. It is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. That is my philosophy, whether driving across town or across the country. You decide. You also have 30 minutes after you sign the U-Haul contract to change your mind and get the coverage. That does not mean call to get the coverage if you get into an accident in the first 30 minutes. That would be fraud.



As many of my fellow members have suggested, taking the coverage from places like U-Haul are far better than putting your personal policy at risk. You never know what is going to happen in a move that may or not be your fault. I have moved many many times and for the coverage on the trucks for sure is the only way to go especially on long distance moves such as a PCS or family move after retirement. I truely believe in all the services offered here at USAA and since being a member since 1997, I look no further for any financial needs or many of the services provided here. My 2 children also take full advantage of all of the benefits and services here and I will not look any further. Thanks for everyone's service and hard work to give us the Freedom we enjoy everyday and we should ALWAYS say thank you to any Veteran, Young or Young at heart, the sacriface is still the same, some more than others. God bless you all and the United States of America.
If your and insured driver, your insurance covers any vehicle you drive. But uhaul will tell you, your insurance doesn't.

It will cover you like you are driving your own car. The downfall of using your personal insurance is that if something does happen to the car then you could be dealing with a claim on your personal insurance for a vehicle that is not even yours. In addition you'd have to pay your full deductible regardless of fault.

Many years ago, I rented a U-haul to move from Dallas to Salt Lake City.  I weighed the option of purchasing the U-haul insurance carefully and decided to purchase it.  After two long days of driving, as we approached the last mountain downhill grade before the SLC valley, the U-Haul drive shaft came apart.  It took out two tires tires and the air tank for the brake system. 


With only the front brakes, I had a devil of a time getting the heavily loaded truck and my towed ski boat stopped.  U-haul sent out a mechanic and they towed the mess to their SLC Service Center.  There was a lot of damage.  U-Haul was exceptionally helpful.  They loaned me a tow vehicle so that I could secure my boat, made arrangements to tow the damaged truck to my new apartment so we could unload, and did not charge me a dime for anything.  In fact, they reimbursed much of the truck rental cost because the event was entirely not my fault and they felt that the drive line was defective.


i am approaching my 45th year with USAA.  I believe they are the best company to do business with.  But for self driving moving trucks, I will again pay the extra U-Haul fee if the trip is very far.  The cost is low compared to the costs and hassel that will ensue should something cause a significant problem.


John Russell, Col, USAF Retired


This is for a rantal trailer that I'll be pulling behind my truck. Uhaul has on their website an optional place to buy insurance for this trailer in case of damage.


I was just wondering if USAA auto covered a rented trailer or not. Thanks for chining in.


Thank you for your questions about insurance coverage for a UHAUL. It may be best to speak with a service specialist in order to address your question and make sure you have the coverage you need. You can reach a specialist here, or by telephone at 1-800-531-8722.”

Thank you, Briana for your advice.


Much appreciated.