I drive 90 miles to work each day. I'd like to earn a little extra money by taking passengers with we via Uber. I drive a company owned pickup. Uber requires personal insurance in order to enlist. Will my auto policy cover me for this?


I am curious about this as well. How does USAA's auto insurance policy handle Uber/Lyft/etc drivers' coverage?

You may want to give USAA a call just to be sure. Or better yet, read your policy in detail. I just gave my policy(Texas) a quick glance and it specifically excludes coverage if the vehicle is used to transport passengers for a fee. There were a couple of exceptions listed, however based on how I read it you would not be covered.  


Here are some good article discussing this topic that I quickly found with a google search:





I am an insurance agent, not for USAA but for several different auto companies. I know that with all the carriers I represent, you would have to switch to a buiness policy if you want to drive for Uber, since you get compensated with money and drive around passengers, you would not be eligible for a personal auto policy any longer. I am pretty sure it is that way with all auto insurance companies. And I hope this helped and answered your question. :)



What company do you know that will write a commercial policy that covers uber drivers?

Hello VinceR, you're in luck! You can actually add Ride Share Gap Protection to your auto policy. This would provide an option that closes the coverage gap between your USAA Auto Insurance and the insurance of the ride share company you might drive for (ex: Uber). To add this to your policy, please access your auto insurance policy and then click on Change Coverages. You can also reach us at 1-800-531-8722. Happy Holidays! -Marisa

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yes, what about other states? Also, what about those of us who don't use this all the time? I don't want to pay extra for a commercial policy when I only rent seats in my car a couple times a year. I would never want to be an Uber or Lyft driver, as it would require the patience to tolerate LA traffic. But I use Tripda (and previously Zimride) most of the time when I drive to San Francisco. Having a stranger in the car makes me a calmer, more polite driver. It's a nifty side bonus of making a little money to defray the high cost of living in California.

Ride share is currently offered in Texas and Colorado. You may be wondering, is USAA looking into expanding the pilot to other states? Or if we plan to offer the coverage in (other state)?
We want to emphasize that this is a pilot so we are evaluating if this option benefits our members in light of other options such as the secondary insurance offered by some TNCs covering the unmatched phase. We’re still looking at other cities and states to determine where we may also want to propose similar coverage in order to gather additional data.
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