USAA use to be a good credit union now no better than Bank of America, Chase, Wells Fargo and Citibank but NO MORE

I'm seeing more and more disatisfaction with USAA's members, to include myself, now I'm not talking about members of 1 to 20 years of membership, I am 38 plus years with this institution. My father started the membership as an officer and in the late 80s early 90s the membership opened up to dependants as long as the parent had you listed in some account and so USAA has serviced four generations of my family but that is about to change.

I have had loans (mortgage and auto) paid off and in good standing, money markets, checking, savings, life, home and auto insurance with this bank for several years, I even signed up for Credit Monitor in which they use Experian, (interesting part). Experian is the most correct of the three crooked credit bureaus and you would think USAA would at least use their own bureau they promote, nope they don't trust their own vendors apparently, they use the ones that can't even get your personal information correct.

In the near future, when  I get my "score" corrected as in debt to income ratio (done just not reported yet), one dropped as paid, one removed because it isn't mine and one 30 day late payment from USAA due to the furloughs,  I better NEVER get another offer in the mail again, asking me to apply for a loan.... "up the middle finger be."

Recently I had a laptop and a valuable Cartouche (gold and onyx hiroglyphic-name pendant) stolen from either TSA or Southwest Airlines during the Christmas holiday and they stated the laptop was under the home owners (2,000 ded), what kind of crp is that? I can see a desktop because you don't normally take it out of the house, but a laptop not being covered under items like jewlery?  

Furthermore they use US Bank for their mortgage lender who employ the biggest idiots I've ever delt with. 

I am slowly but surely switching to Navy Federal CU, and have already switched my mortgage to them...yesssss, next the car loan.