U claim to be a  MIlitary friendly organization and many of us pay a little more for coverage because U claim to have the Military's back - Yet U spend millions of our dollars sponsoring a organization that spits in our face - WHY - The nfl (lower case intentional) they refuse to stand for the Flag that we have died for, they raise hands in defiance of a flag we bled for, and many of us still suffer from the pangs of combat YET U claim to be a Military friendly group, by supporting the nfl(lower case intentional) U show ur disdain for WE the men/women who support U. WHY WHY Is it so important for revenue that honesty & trust disappears 

I am posting this on every Facebook page I am a member of and will begin a search for a company that honestly believes what they say - sad, our relationship has been great but I feel as if I have been betrayed by a friend.

For God & Country

Frank Womack