I clicked on a USAA Members discounts page and logged in and it logged me out then brought me to the USAA page.  How do I see the USAA member discounts?  Are there actually any discounts?  This was for airline flight discounts that were advertised by USAA.  Thank you.


USAA uses Explorer Cruise and Travel for their members discount travel.  I don't think there are really any discounts for flights (unless they offer some highly restrictive bucket tickets), but you earn vacation points that you can use on cruises and resorts. 


I've booked a few cruise through them and have a ton of points, but recently found out they are not really worth much.   I would recommend checking the airline site against their prices before booking, especially since going through a third party can be a real hassle if there are any issues.

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You can find details about the travel discounts here:



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