So I had insurance with USAA in 2014 till march 2015. I switched because geico was giving me a cheaper rate. A few months later I got an email of a quote for insurance with USAA and it was about $2,200 for the year for my 2014 honda civic. I called in regards to it because it was basically what my geico policy was and I would rather switch back to USAA. They told me they did not know why I got the email but if I wanted I could get a quote done. So they used the same information from the old policy to quote me again. Now in the time I had left I got a 2 point ticket for a red light. Literally the rep I was talking to said that because of that I could not get a quote done and it would not let him proceed. One ticket and I cannot get my insurance again?? I told him I was going to take a defensive driving coure regardless and the points would be taken off. He assured me that if I did that I can just call again and ask to get a quote done. I called a month later and got the same result. I waited 2 weeks and did it online and it said it could not quote me because I am "a youthful operator"

Now how is it that USAA can give me insurance when I was 19 but now that I am 20 I am too young??? And they cannot say its because of the ticket because that ticket is wiped off. I took the defensive driving course and it does not affect my driving record.

I looked around forums and websites all over the internet and to my understanding the vast majority seem to agree that USAA is a piece of XXXX and their quality of customer service has gone way down hill. I for one completely agreee. This is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. Clearly not a way to treat customers


Call during normal business hours. I will tell you USAA is the best when it comes to claims and your Geiko insurance, well good luck with that. 15 years of exceptional service. Hassle free! Try again and be patient.

Vodoo Magic I  always call during normal business hours. Nothing happens they really do not care about their customers. From 15 minute hold times to constantly being transferred to someone else and having to repeat yourself over and over again

When I have called about my sons I have consistently been told that they need to be 21 years old. Three sons - same question asked multiple times over a ten year period - always the same answer - 21 years old.


I get what you are saying but that has nothing to do with my situation. Yes I am 20. But I had insurance with them for over a year starting out when I was 19. And now I cannot even get a quote done because I am a "youthful operator"

It would be a different story if they told me that from the very first time I tried to get insurance through them. But the case is I have had muliple policies in multiple states with them ie florida, virginia and new jersey. And like I said I had a policy in New Jersey with them earlier this year so there is no reason they should be denying me the oppurtnity to get a quote. Even the third representative I spoke to said something along the lines of: since you have previously been insured with us it does not make sense why you are being denied now.

You can keep Geico, I use to have them and they started off cheap, but ended up being more expensive over time.  USAA at least pays back some of our money, instead of Geico giving it to Warren Buffett and friends.


I'm sure there is a good reason why USAA no longer wants to insure you.  Since you believe  "USAA is a piece of XXXX and their quality of customer service has gone way down hill. I for one completely agreee.", then there should be no issue.


First off if your going to quote someone do it correctly. Second maybe you need to reread what I said. There is literally no reason they aren't giving me a quote right now. I had insurance back in March and April this year. Same policy same state. Same everything was what I was trying to get a quote on now because they sent me an email of a quote. The only thing that has changed since that march or April time frame is I got a ticket along with 2 points. But that doesn't matter either because I took a defensive driving course and they aren't affecting my driving record anymore. 

Seems to me like your just biased. How about reading someone's complaint carefully before replying with a comment of your own


Oh, I'm sorry, must have been someone else using the same user name that stated "I for one completely agreee" to "USAA is a piece of XXXX".   


I have no idea why they won't insure you anymore.  Could be the ticket you received or something else you are not telling us about.  I trust USAA to make the appropriate decision on who to insure so as to keep my rates down.  Based on what I have read about NJ traffic tickets, you can take Defensive Driving to remove the points (up to 2) from your license, but that doesn't mean that the offense is actually removed from your record.  An insurance company in many cases can still use the fact you received the ticket when considering whether to insure you or not and if so at what rates.


What I want to know is if as you stated previously that you completely agree that USAA is a piece of XXXX, then why are you so upset that they won't insure you anymore?

I have a question for you. Are you playing stupid or are you really this stupid?

I said I agree with the vast majorities opinion that "USAA is a piece of XXXX"
Clearly I am agreeing with that opinion because of the fact that they aren't insuring me now.
I didn't have a problem with them till this happened. So why am so I upset? The answer to your question is in its question itself. Maybe your just too uneducated to see the issue here or maybe your just blindly biased to this company because they have been good to you so far. You claimed to blindly trust this company so clearly you are biased and because of that I will disregard your opinion/advice on this subject.
And as far as them not insuring me goes. I'm not holding anything back from this post. I've stated multiple times what my situation is and what message I'm getting from them.
As far as New Jersey goes. Yes insurance can look up the tickets you've received even if you took a course to get the points taken off. But they cannot surcharge you because of that. Nor can they deny giving me insurance. And regardless. Let's say in a hypothetical situation I didn't take the course to get the points off. It's one ticket ! Denying me insurance over one ticket makes sense?

Now I'm going to assume that you will comment again. So I have some advice for you get your facts straight and know what your talking about. And secondly try and make some actual sense next time.

Why are you still a USAA member? Quit please. Your four letter word language has no place on this member community board.