My son served in the Army and has been Deployed twice to Afghanistan...We have had USAA car insurance for 4 years...I am the mother..paid 350+ per month th for 4 my son has moved out of the home and went with Geico because it's cheaper...I wanted to stay with USAA...well they told me today I need to find another car much for standing behind military familes!!!!!


Hi Kelizabeth, thank you for reaching out about your experience. Please know, eligibility is passed from a child in the military to his or her children. Based on our current eligibility guidelines, you may not be eligible for your own products or services unless you or a spouse have served in the military. Rest assured, your feedback about this will be shared with the proper area. If you have further questions, please let us know or you may contact us at 1-800-531-8722. Thank you. -Marisa

That is lovely that my son's kids he doesn't even have yet can sign up for USAA while my son's parents that had USAA for 3 years NIW have to look for new insurance someplace else because my son moved out and can't afford USAA anymore!

Kelizbeth, I regret your disappointment with our eligibility guidelines. As a member based organization, we do have membership eligibility guideline policies in place. Periodically we review these guidelines to extend eligibility opportunities. I've collected your comments regarding these policies and will share it will share with our team. - Ben

I mean 4 years not 3!