After buying a car, getting a credit card, line of credit, and having everything insured thru USAA the result is USAA is a business that treats their customers rudly and poorly.  I even pay higher premiums than I was with Farmers for I was with them for 11 years.  I have had several phone calls regarding my policies, and accounts where I was not greeted properly, but only to receive a standoffish attitude.  If it was not to start all over again I would.  Being a Middle age male I for one do not need to be spoken to in fashion that I do not speak to people.  I also work in Customer Service in my Gov. Job as well as my part time job and to tell you the truth I just see where USAA gets such inflated High ratings.  They are not people friendly as you go from department to department as they are contracted out to various companies and not USAA.  I doubt if USAA  ever reads these for like everything the people in charge make the $$$.