USAA has lied again again. No problem in 5 years now im looking for a new bank.

As a member I expect USAA would mirror my ethos of being honest and upfront about everything. In the last week 6 different representatives and members of the executive team have blatantly lied to me.


1. We ordered a new credit card and when we asked the card to be rushed it wasn't we called in and they said we would have the card on friday. Card did not show up on friday.


2. We call in to add a joint account owner. Representative removed the authorized user and couldn't re-add as authorized because we hadn't recieved our card. Representative offered to rush card on 8/19 so we could have it by friday. Rep assured me it would be there by friday. Card did not show.


3. We send in Power of Attorney paperwork on 8/20 senior rep says that if we put rush on it and fax it it will be down thursday by 5, We call in thursday at 6 and new rep says that first rep was wrong. An email needs to be sent from their end but it will be done friday afternoon.


4. we call friday afternoon it wasn't done, new rep says that first and 2nd rep were wrong, it takes five to seven business days.


5. I talk to a very rude representative at the executive level and she explains that no i wasn't lied to and no that these issues are just what they are, she offers no recourse no remorse. When I tell her I'm going to go to the local office in San Diego "I'm threatening USAA or its employees".


In 5 years with USAA I have not had this many issues nor such a blatant disregard for honesty. I will begin shopping around for a new bank. I have actually called friends to tell them to stay away from USAA


Cannot imagine you having such troubles with usaa I have been with them since 1958, and I have not once had a problem. That included having five children driving insuring our business and all our real estate Naturally, I am still with them as are my children and many of their children.

I'm sorry you had such a difficult time with USAA. I can't say i've never had a problem with them, but i can say that any misunderstanding i've had with them has been quickly resolved.  It appears USAA reps made a promise they couldn't keep. That does happen but i can not believe it's a common issue.  The executive you spoke with obviously didn' t do anything to soothe your anger, and that is something that upper management needs to address ASAP.   I've been with them for 48 years through thick and thin. I would hope that you can come to some agreement wiht USAA because I think you'll find it difficult to find a bank/insurance/investment house with comparable rates and service - I know because I've tried many times over the years with no result.