USAA funds anti-bodily autonomy of US citizens to the tune of $[removed sensitive data]

30 years of membership and the increasingly far right political bent of USSA's donations and funding and the silence and complicity with some of the worst and most anti-freedom behavior and policies is the end of the road for me. I own my body organs, not the government and not USAA. I will be closing my 6 accounts as well as asking my children and everyone else I know with USAA accounts to close the door on you. Some of us put our money where our values lie and I won't be funding an anti-freedom, anti-military, anti-democracy company cosplaying as 'patriots'.

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Interesting. I would not have thought that how much money the USAA's directors are spending of members to be considered sensitive, especially for members. I use to get a financial statement every year. It was a thick package. But, I did review it. I don't recall seeing one for awhile, not even electronically. Yet, I could locate one for 2020 on the site. Taxes are files every year. So, I am certain there is one for 2021 somewhere. Maybe, members don't need to know how mangers are using their funds?