I have read quite a few posts here regarding eligibility for USAA membership. 

I found some answers in various online business magazine stories about USAA's phenominal growth. What USAA 

fails to reveal that there are more "associate"  ( non military and non veteran) members than there are military/veteran


USAA insurance is a mutual insurance company that is owned by policyholders and its members are given the right to select management.

I would appreciate exactly what this means from a USAA executive and not from the people, some cases military spouses who sometimes will try to respond to a post from a member.

The current CEO, Stuart Parker was voted unanimously from within by the board of directors. How would members

even know anything about management at USAA when we don"t even have access to them. Their contempt for

honesty, ethics and loyal members is shamless.

Why can't Mr. Parker man up and be truthful to the owner members and answer our questions about outsourcing to

India? Or why the advertising to the general public via millions in TV commercials? Better yet, why is USAA so opaque?

The growing perception is that USAA has something to hide.

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Usaa has improved some un regards todo disclosures regarding affiliates and who they are. You mayor hace noticed that most correspondence and web pages are much more clear in telling you what USAA stands for. I'm not fond of defending them because I was the initiator of demanding that they stop their deceptive practices. They have cleaned up some but have a long way togo. As far as the board of directors. You might be wanting to ask yourself why an insurance and financial company has tto have retired generals running a business they have absolutely no qualifications for. What other bank has this. Most financial institutions have a board if directors with years if experience in this field. USAA has none. All a pretty military picture. But all show. They do have good products. Good services. And sometimes great customer service. What I can't stand is for someone to tell me they are military and lie straight to my face. Usaa is not now or ever has been affiliated with the armed forces. Make the stop trying to convince you they are

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