USAA and it’s relationship to Chase Bank

I was out of town back in June 2021.   Got a text from Chase Bank to set my out of town calendar.   However I did this through my online USAA account.  While out of town I received several texts messages and a robo call when I used my debit card to withdraw money from an ATM not USAA or Chase Bank. I also received a very small refund from USAA for something on two autos I purchased through USAA back in 2009 and 2010.   The checks had Chase Bank on them.  

Have I been missing something all these years?   Then I read an article that Chase Bank along with other U.S. Banks released financial records for ATM/Credit Card transactions in D.C. on 5 - 7 Jan 2021 to the FBI.


Explain please.  

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Concerned too - USAA does sometimes have the need to send checks to members. For regulatory compliance, it cannot come form a USAA account, primarily be cause we do not offer business checking accounts. When you receive a check from USAA bank, the funds are issued through an account USAA holds at JP Morgan Chase. I hope this information is helpful. - Jason

You failed to answer the second part of my question.

Hello @Concerned too, can you please specify what question you were needing answered. -Colleen