I was researching information about USAA' partnership with ADT. I was very surprised to find some negative information posted. I ordered the ADT product and services through their association with USAA in 2000. To this day, in April 2017, ADT technicians and other customers are shocked at the low price I'm paying for monthly service, which includes a maintenance plan, and lightning strike protection. I could not be happier with USAA, and their efforts to advocate on behalf of their members. If you were getting a product or service through USAA, you can rest assured knowing that it is one of the best in the industry, and they will standby it.


Reynz, thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience with ADT services. We are here to help our members keep costs low and we thank you for taking advantage of the services we offer. We appreciate your kind words. Your membership is appreciated. - Rhonda