USAA has a link to travel benefits, cruises, hotels, etc. If you click that link your visit is recorded and the travel company will call with their telemarketing offers. I've been a USAA member since 1980 and I never thought USAA would be involved in telemarketing it's members. If this is this becomes a common practice I will find a new bank/insurance company. I was contacted by Explore Cruise and Travel 855-543-6221




Yikes! Let me pass this along to our team and have them look into this for you. Thank you for posting, if I have an update I will post here or a member services representative will reach out to you directly.

Any update?  I haven't heard from anyone.  Is USAA passing our contact information to third party companies?

Hi tikal,


I don't seem to have a direct update. Please send us an email to: [expired email] along with your member number so that we may expedite this quicker. Thank you.

Its states after you click the link that USAA is not responsible for content or privacy policies of the website/company.  And then as soon as you are redirected the very first thing that pops up is asking you if you opt in to receiving phone calls and emails with travel deals.  Did  you opt out or opt in?  You probably opted in hence why they called you.  How is that USAA's fault?

I never saw an option to opt in or opt out. I'm not unfamiliar with web site mechanics but thanks for the info. The reply I got from USAA is "yes" they share their members contact information with third party vendors. They gave my personal phone number out which I try to keep private. USAA is not the same company it was... I no longer recommend them to friends and colleagues.

Dear Tikal,

I am looking into this further. Thank you for your patience.



No, USAA does not share member information with third party vendors (Explore) without their consent (or opting in).  After a detailed research into the matter with Explore, we were able to pinpoint what happened in your case. A representative from USAA will be reaching out to speak with you no later than tomorrow to review the details. Thanks again for bringing this matter to our attention, tikal.


I’m pretty dumbfounded how this issue was handled. First, I already received an email from USAA basically saying, “yes we work with third party vendors to meet our members needs, we’re sorry about this instance and will update your preferences”. Now you’re saying that isn’t what happened or there’s a different explanation. Today someone from USAA called and left me a message to return their call (ext 77817). I did and was on hold for an hour. I called a representative back and she tried to connect me to that extension, it connected to a message that they were gone for the day. Maybe USAA has too many members to continue the outstanding service they once provided.
I never gave Explore Travel my cell phone number and I never opted in on their web site. Can you post how they got it and why they called me here? I've had no luck calling a USAA representative.