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I recently made an international move.  I was led to believe that my goods were totally covered during the move. This is not the case and I got a rude awakening about clauses that were in my policy which release USAA from doing anything for you. During the move goods showed up at my overseas destination broken.  I tried to claim my broken goods only to find out that I am unable to do so.  This is terrible coming from a company that claims they are for military and veterans.  I have been a loyal customer for about 30 years now.  This incident is really making me think about moving all my banking services elsewhere.  This is truly no way to treat a permanant and totally disabled veteran.  I warn any military making an international move to think twice about insurance on your house hold goods. 


Oh gosh @user 4620, I regret to hear of this experience. I would like to get this reviewed with you as this is never how we want our members to feel. I was able to locate your profile and will share your concerns with a subject matter expert. Once reviewed they will contact you. I appreciate your patience in advance. -Emily

There appears to be two completely separate customer service departments within USAA, each of whom apparently follow different policy guidelines.

First, there appears to be a “Preliminary” customer service dept that when a member calls in with an issue that dept tells the member that USAA can’t support him.

Then the member comes on this forum, states his complaint, and the Moderator then says “Oh Gosh” and apparently then sends that unresolved issue to some “Review” customer service dept who will then review and resolve the issue that was left unresolved by the “Preliminary” customer service dept.

USAA, do you think maybe you should do away with the entire “Preliminary” customer service dept and just have all member calls go straight into the “Review” customer service dept where all of these subject matter experts apparently work. That way we minimize the stress and aggravation on the members, the rest of us won’t have to keep reading thousands of complaints, and Emily won’t have to keep saying “Oh Gosh”.

Except that after proclaiming “oh my”, they drop off the face of the Earth while we grab our ankles.
Just to let everyone know I was never contacted by anyone from USAA at all. So Emily will continue to say oh my gosh while a company that had a very good reputation not has many black marks. It seems after company went public everything went down hill and for them to claim they help veterans is now total bologna.

@user 4620, thank you for following up with us. I regret to hear you weren't contacted in September when you posted your concerns. This is definitely not the service we wish to provide. Your post will be sent to our claims team for further review. Thank you. - Rhonda

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