The USAA Mobile App differs as to what is offered across platforms.  This should not be the case.  The USAA Mobile App should allow the same features on all platforms (cellular carrier restrictions are different).  

A specific example of this is the USAA Mobile App for the iPhone allows you to "Pay Someone" following these steps:


Here are the individual steps:


1. Log In on the USAA Mobile App (if you haven't done so already).


2. On My USAA Menu select Transfer/Deposit, then Transfer Funds.


3. On Transfer Section:


3.1. FROM: Select Account (from drop down menu)


3.2. TO: Select Pay Someone Tab, then complete the FORM.


3.3. AMOUNT and DATE(Self explanatory).


3.4. Press TRANSFER when done.




HOWEVER, the USAA Mobile App for the iPad DOES NOT have this feature. 


The USAA Mobile App should have the same features across all platforms.  I understand the differences between Android and iOS, but the software can be made to allow for the same features across operating systems, it should be able to allow for the same features within the same operating systems (iPad, iPhone).




The dev kits for different platforms are not as similar as you'd think. There are some big differences between even the iPhone and iPad kits.. and of course Android and Windows dev kits are completely different. This is why most good app developers "perfect" their app on one OS before rolling it out to another.


Furthermore... I don't have an IOS available to check... is that there are sometimes iPhone-specific and iPad-specific versions of the app. Make sure that you are downloading the appropriate one for your device. I believe that the USAA app is like this.