A few of us came up with a plan to start a Petition using this forum. Here it is. Consider the Primary Post just below as our Unified USAA Member Petition to the USAA Front Office. It received 9 likes and 3 replies in one day. If you agree with the conclusion of the Petition then reply with a short comment to the Petition Post. I will then resend this One Unified USAA Member Petition Post with all of the updated replies from USAA members each day at about this time and people can just keep adding their replies each day as we go. With each new daily resend I will update the total number of Petition Participants at the very top of the post page. Please do not just tap on the thumbs up like symbol. Please send an actual short reply so we have your "USAA Forum Callsign" as confirmation of each USAA Member. Please keep your reply comments short and only send one reply for each member, we want this to be credible.

If there is a limit on space for a single Post Page then I will just start a Second Post Page and continue on with it as a two page Post and send out both pages each day, and so on.

Below our Member Petition and before the Member Replies, I am pasting the comments made by a 4 Star Admiral on this NFL issue who spoke at the 75th Anniversary Ceremony of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii on Dec 7th, 2016. His comments were in the newspaper and from that article I am pasting them below our Petition. I was an attendee at that ceremony and the thousands in attendance across from the Arizona Memorial replied to the Admiral's comments with an extended standing ovation. His comments should serve as an inspiration for all of us.

As of today and as we start our Petition there are 3 great replies below the Petition Post so let's see how many participants we can get by Veterans Day. Then we'll take it from there,

You can bet the USAA Front Office will start reading this Member Petition Post each day so here is our way of speaking directly to them with One Unified USAA Member Voice and with our Combined Numbers. The individual posts are getting us no where.


USAA, What Will It Take?
Stand United
10-04-2017 05:24 PM

Change occurs when the pain of staying the same becomes greater than the pain of changing. How many more military personnel are going to have to leave our USAA Family on a daily basis over this NFL issue? How many more thousands of comments on this issue will your members have to send you on our community forum? USAA, How much more pain will it take?

It always works best when the Senior Mgmt of an organization shares and supports the views of the Member Base they represent. Let us be clear, USAA's Member Base consists of Patriotic, Country Loving, Flag Loving, American Military Patriots who ask not what their Country can do for them but ask what they can do for their Country. That is who we are. That is your Member Base, the US Military. And that is what makes USAA Unique from the other 31 Sponsors of the NFL.

Your Corporate Obligation to support your USAA Member Base on issues that are very important to them and your Corporate Obligation to hold our USAA Family together should take priority over whatever your reasons are for continuing your Sponsorship of the NFL.

If those are not USAA's priorities and if the viewpoints of the Senior Mgmt and the Member Base differ that greatly on such core beliefs then maybe the best solution for all concerned and for USAA as an organization is for the Senior Mgmt to move on to some other Company with a customer base that shares their views and then let the appropriate USAA Governing Body find new Corporate Leaders who are in full agreement with the views of the USAA Member Base and who will continue on with supporting the Proud Military Values and Traditions that were so well supported by General McDermott when he was the USAA CEO. Then the conflict can finally come to an end and we can all live happily ever after.


Honolulu Star Advertiser 
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii
Dec 7th, 2016
75th Anniversary Ceremony of the Attack on Pearl Harbor
Headline: Admiral's national anthem remark scores with Pearl Harbor audience

"You can bet that the men and women we honor today and those who died that fateful morning 75 years ago never took a knee and never failed to stand whenever they heard our national anthem being played," He said to nearly a minute of clapping, whistles and whoops.


10-04-2017 06:04 PM
Well said!! Thank you !

10-05-2017 06:09 AM
It is time to seek out new leadership. A board that has shared values. I cannot imagine what the current board is thinking or the contractual obligation they have with the NFL. The pain of not changing is going to get intense in my opinion.

Susan B Anthony
10-04-2017 06:14 PM
The board of directors are elected to one year terms at the Annual General meeting, which always is sometime within the first 90 days of the calendar year.  They in turn elect all the officers of the company. Perhaps the time for members to constructively influence the company is at the annual general meeting.


If USAA cannot stand for the flag by pulling ads from the NFL, then I will take all my business somewhere else. Shame on the USAA leadership. You need to be fired.
I only wish you could open your eyes and heart and try to see things from a person other than another white person perspective.

This country is not as great for some of us.never has been

Tara- Eyes and heart is wide open.  Based on your comments, the same cannot be said about you.  And you might want to look into history more.  The Military HAS helped make this great nation what it is.  Sorry you are blinded by hate and bias in making your comments known.  This issue has nothing to do with social justice and everything to do with how these protestors are trying to get their message out.  If they truly wanted people to hear their voices, they should not have chosen a venue which automatically muted them.

When was America great?
Stop sponsorship on NFL. This 40 yr member is disappointed in your leadership. The CEO needs to make a statement on his decision.
It's PAINFULLY obvious that there NEEDS to be a change somewhere, or, you're not going to have ANY members to deal with. From this NFL quagmire to, even more importantly, the absolutely mediocre service given to we members, you're hemorrhaging customers at an alarming rate! I used to be a rah rah guy for USAA,but now, I'm looking elsewhere to do my business. If you're curious about my predicament, feel free to peruse the "You guys STINK" post here.

This petition is nothing but angry white folks who don’t think their country has done anything wrong to people of color.well guess what that flag ain’t  that flag and everything it stands for .burn baby burn that flag


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@ wrote:

....who don’t think their country has done anything wrong to people of color.....


WRONG!...everyone in this country understands the injustice done to african slaves.


This country is 77% white and 13% black.

South Africa is 76% black and 9% white.

Laws passed by a white american majority can be challenged by ANYONE in the US courts.

Not the case in Africa.

Very few countries will let a citizen simply leave.

The USA will.

If you choose not to live under the laws generated by a white majority then perhaps you should take advantage of the rare citizenship privilege and leave.

This is a Republic, it is NOT a democracy.  And it never was intended to be. 

Recite the pledge of allegiance...


The hateful way our country treated people of color didn't stop with the Emancipation Proclamation, not even with the passage of the Civil Rights Act.  It's still going on and if the only solution you see is for people of color to leave their home, then, respectfully, you are part of the problem.  I didn't serve my county just for some of its citizens to reap the benefits of democracy, I did it for all of them. 


You don't have to like the fact that some people feel the need to take a knee for the National Anthem.  You should like it even less that they have a reason to do so.