First I would like to thank the members who have responded to my postings and concerns regarding the manner in which USAA does their business, both your positive and negative comments. The combination of the two will help you understand my concerns and your rights as members to be informed adequately to make informed decisions about your loyalty to USAA. Your loyalty to the military community. But, most importantly your rights to receive truthful and adequate information to make a well informed decision on the business practices of the USAA.


I agree with you in many ways, both your negative and positive comments. To clarify this I will have to use examples and metaphors to make my points clear and understandable. There is a lot of evidence out there that USAA is a leader in the Financial and Insurance Industry. They are a leader in providing financial and insurance. No Argument. The Website and their marketing strategies are a step above genius. I can’t find a better built and effective website. Everything seems to work, almost all the time! Even the Mobile App is better than any other Financial App that I have seen. They have a lot of good things going for them and one reason I am not running away to find other services. I, like so many other that post their complaints, just want the Corporation to do what they say they can do and do it with the professionalism and military precision that we have been led to believe they possess.


My Father as retired Army. My Son is retired Army, I am retired Army. We all have been members of the USAA for a long time!   Many of these years without too many issues or complaints. The last two years have been a quite different story. You can read the Complaints yourself! I am a part of the Military Family as USAA calls it. They also call themselves a part of the Military Family. We all need a family. The military Community is an entirely different way of life. We have problems and losses that the Civilian world could never understand, no matter how many movies they watch! We have a common bond, a loyalty to each other. When one is affected, we all are! Veterans, Active duty, Guard, Reserves, and Family members of those that served have a special bond that cannot be broken. This bond is a barrier in my attempts to inform you of some of the poor and unethical, and illegal business practices used by USAA to attract you to the membership, and keep you there! You already have a built in loyalty because you are a military Family member. I thought USAA stood for the United States Army Association for years! I bet many of you did also!


Yes I have some serious issues with USAA, but they are not poor service, or being lied to when they offer me a product or service. Not even the inconsistent customer services that ranges from a thumbs up to a bad answer, or even no answer at all. These are issues that every company deals with. We all write, call and complain when something goes wrong. We may threaten changing companies, we may actually do so, or find a different bank or credit card. We do all these things when all we really want is the customer service, product, or services that we were promised! We want the company to do what they said they would. That is what I want. I want USAA to do what they say they will do, but do it in a manner that does not disguise who they really are. To provide the members with critical information they need to make informed decisions regarding the membership, the products and the services offered!






USAA is a Financial Services Corporation, comprised of many different banks, insurance companies, underwriters and Securities companies. Many are owned by USAA, others have a working relationship, or an affiliation so to speak. By having a multitude of financial and Insurance companies at their service, USAA can and does have the ability to serve their customers with a wide range of products. They create a membership which is solely comprised of the Military or Military Family. Eligibility for membership to the USAA seems to be very clearly stated and appears to be solely for the military. Unfortunately this is not the complete truth and USAA goes out of their way to make it appear otherwise. In fact this membership eligibility is a very ambiguous and confusing criteria. It is statistically driven and not really enforced to just allow military and family members to join! When I say statistically, I am referring to the population of the entire country and even people outside the country. The Country is almost 250 years old. During every day of that time period, there have been men and women serve in the armed forces. In conflicts, wars, Civil War, Indian Wars, 2 World wars, Korea, Viet Nam, Desert Storm, Afghanistan. Drug wars, Diamond Wars. Wars of every type and cause. Then others served during peacetime. Mathematically speaking, the chances that you or everyone you know, military or civilian has had a relative, even one they want to possibly deny, was a member of the military at one time or another. USAA states in these eligibility requirements that family members of the whole military community is eligible to become a member. So by doing so, and knowing the statistical probability that you have had someone in your family at one time or another serve in the Armed Forces, opened the door for almost anyone to join. Another eligibility possibility is if a Family member is a USAA insured customer. Automobile insurance. If you father or mother, or family member has their car insured by USAA, you are eligible to join. With no military ties! USAA attempts to bring HONOR into play by stating you must have an Honorable Discharge to become a member, but reverting to the previous eligibility requirements can make that rule null! I have a friend that does not know for sure that he has anyone in his family that served in the Military. He gave it great consideration and wanted to join. Based on my recommendation! Before I realized just how USAA was doing their business. I recommended many people including the soldiers I served with while in the Military. He opened the website and answered “no” to all the eligibility questions regarding military association or having a family member with USAA car insurance. He was directed to the terms of acceptance and given a membership! In essence, despite USAA’s attempts to target and offer membership to the military only, they can and will accept everyone’s business. That’s what they are in business for! To make money. As a member you are considered to be an affiliate, where there is a business relationship agreement. More on Affiliations and business relationships to come!






 pART 2





That sense of belonging to an organization that supports and assists the Military community is like a magnet! Our need to belong to something that has bonded us together is what makes us who we are. We are the United States of America. The Military that made this country what it is today. To be a part of it makes you feel proud. To share in your beliefs, values, and strife. There are hundreds of Government Agencies, Departments, Veterans Organizations, Military Assistance organizations, Fraternal, Unit and other Military type Organizations that are really affiliated with the Military Community. They provide services like counseling, financial assistance, clothing, food, shelter, paperwork assistance for benefits, guidance counseling, vocational counseling, grief counseling, medical assistance, legal, and other services. These organizations are for the most part Non-Profit and their sole purpose is the health and welfare of those that served and their families. Many of these organizations have websites, magazines and e commerce for providing these services. Some have large offices, some are run off the desk in the living room. One thing they all have in common is that they try to help the Military Community and their members if membership is required.


USAA claims affiliations or relationships with many of these very same organizations. Implying that a special relationship or tie, bond exists, like the things that we share with each other. USAA does not however explain the extent of these relationships. This is called deceptive advertising by incomplete or inaccurate claims. Now there are indeed some business relationships between USAA and many of these organizations. If you check the page on affiliations on the USAA website you will see the Organizations that USAA claims has relationships with. You may be upset after you see it and understand this entire letter. Making claims that cannot be supported or substantiated is a violation of Federal Trade Commission Law. This is the Enforcement Agency for bad business and improper advertising. By placing a disclaimer stating that you do not endorse or recommend the very affiliated organization you claim to have a relationship is not enough. It must be clarified so the member, client, or consumer can make an informed decision. They must be given all the facts necessary to make a decision. The general rule is: Would the consumer have bought, engaged into business, or recommended the business had they known all the information.   In other words USAA tells you what they want you to hear, tell you what you want to hear, leave out what they do not want you to know and then expect you to make a well informed decision. This is a poor business practice, unethical and since they are targeting the Military Community specifically, a slap in the face. We trust them and they lie to us! We trust them because they look like us! They cater to us. They fill all our needs, but no because they are one of us. They are not! They are in the business to make a profit and USAA makes a big profit using us, and the very military organizations we depend on and are members of against us! The primary and only realistic relationship that the USAA has with the military Organizations listed in their website is advertising! They pay these organizations to advertise USAA products and Services. It is business. Nothing to do with helping the Military.


To close on the affiliation and relationship issues: I am affiliated with the USAA as a member and I have either bought, or engaged in business services offered by the USAA.  This does not give them the right to advertise my business relationship. It is strictly business, that any number of other Banks and Financial Companies can provide.  USAA boasts that it draws its membership from the Military Communities and the Military Organizations that serve the Military Community. They are given media kits to pass out to the members, all in efforts to increase USAA membership and the probability that the members will engage in business with USAA. There are military organizations that USAA does not want on their Scoreboard! Not all military Organizations are pro-military. Do they have any members of these organizations? Statistically speaking they would have to! There are organizations that are anti-government, Domestic Terrorists, and even Foreign Threats that have members with USAA car insurance or checking accounts. How many? Who knows? But since their membership is drawn on the statistical probabilities of military service, then they must have! Scary thought! In defense of USAA I will state that these issues exist with every bank and Financial Service company. You can’t keep everyone out. That’s why other Banks do not promote affiliations with organizations as a rule. So that no one can say what I just did! USAA is not affiliated with the United States Military other than providing Financial Services that have been packaged with what appears to be a military wrapper!




USAA is the master! They deserve every award that is available for Advertising Genius. Their Advertising and Marketing plan is almost perfect in every way! I said Almost! Not quite. As far as their advertising goes. The work is magnificent, and the results have generated profits and revenues that the larger banks envy!   The website is a piece of art!

In advertising, no matter what the product is, you have to have two things to start. A product, and a target population. We already know what USAA sells and offers, so let’s talk about the target population. USAA makes no denial and even boasts that the Military Community is their primary target of the population. Going back to the Statistical theory of military relationships, it is a staggering, unbelievable segment of the population. And when you consider the gaps in the eligibility rules, you can see that the entire population of the United States is a potential member!


Why the Military? We the members of the military community live a life very different from our civilian counterparts. We face long periods of separation from family, possibly at a moment’s notice. We do not know where we are going, when we will return, or even if we will return. We face financial difficulties, Family problems, housing problems, and a very long list of other issues that are part of living and serving in this chosen profession! Separation from the service for s wide variety of different reasons, trying to adjust to a civilian life that for most is unknown!   Stress and inability to adjust causes even more problems. Lifestyles are different from that of our Civilians that we defend. Yet when we transition from being capable of commanding 120 men or more, handling billions of dollars of military equipment and capable of training your servicemen on the use of the equipment, leaves you unqualified, undereducated, and too far separated from the very people that you have defended. Military service members have always been targets to bad businesses. Credit card companies as one example. You have a good job, stable income, but they clobber you on the interest rates! Credit issues plaque the military community. Deployments, not receiving bills and statements. Allotments not being started on time, or stopped. Hundreds of reasons why bills did not get paid. Even little errors like believing the spouse had taken care of it come back to haunt you.


USAA is aware of this. They have staffs of military experts that are aware of your special problems and circumstances. They have teams that sit there and look at policies, programs, products and services that they can turn into your Military answer for your problems! Package it up to look like it was made just for you. In the end however they are just selling you another product or service!


Emotions. Emotions are strong in the Military! We have feelings for everyone! We are a family and we realize for the most part that we cannot count on the Civilian Community to help us get out of trouble! So we look within ourselves. The government agencies, support groups and Military organizations that know how to help us in our time of need.


We feel angry, exhausted, hurt, betrayed, alone, need to trust, need to help, need to belong to each other. USAA knows this and has made a powerful business to exploit all your feelings and your weaknesses by convincing you they are like you and a part of you! They can help when no one else can, and they a recommended by almost everyone that has used their services. We have been convinced by an elaborate and well planned marketing strategy that USAA is our friend!




Using your emotions to attract you to their membership! What, how can they do that? I am in control of my emotions. No company can make me do something I do not want to do. Well there is some justification for thinking that way, but then again you are dealing with experts just like in Psychological Warfare! They know what makes you tick! They know how you think! They know just what to say while you are on the phone asking for that car loan that you desperately need. They know you better than you know yourself! Then we make the errors of giving USAA information about our personal life! Every serviceman in the world knows you never ever give the enemy anything they can use against you. It is forbidden and not a wise thing to do! YET! We post our life stories in a community Forum on a Civilian Financial Services Website instead of on a Real Military Organization Website! You have to wonder why they would even create a community Forum. The answer is that sense of belonging again! To be able to communicate with those who have something in common. The common denominator is: We are the Military! We post our very personal issues, losses and feeling on the USAA community forum boards. To be remembered? To be acknowledged? To reach out to others? Many reasons, but we do it!

Each time you post on these forums the content is Key linked to a product or service that USAA offers! It is a marketing tool! No more, no less! Keywords are highlighted and a computer program directs the content to a specialist in the field that is best qualified to respond to your posting! When postings offer information concerning the loss of a loved one, a serviceman, or other heart felt issues, these postings are examined by a team which decides where to post your message, for how long to leave it there, and if it is really good for USAA, they may place it on the top and leave it there for everyone to read, and even create a synopsis link for that posting on the first pages! Just like a virus directing you to a website! I don’t particularly like to use this one posting for example because it is a real significant life issue that we all are affected by, and we are all drawn to it emotionally. However it is an example that will clearly demonstrate the methods of USAA. Please do not be offended by my comments. I want you to make your own informed decision concerning this post!



Or words to that affect. I am a little afraid to copy and paste content from the USAA website because they own it!


This is a story about a military spouse that lost her husband in combat. I feel for her and I pray for her like so many others, and she has had many people post replies. It is heart breaking story with light at the end of the tunnel! This woman is dedicating her life to other widows in helping them in any way she can. Awarded a Gold Star from USAA! All family members of fallen heroes are awarded this Gold Star.


The confusing part after you read the article is: Who wrote it? Why was it written? USAA claims they helped this woman but failed to disclose how. More in comments!  After you read this long and heart wrenching story that I can only surmise was written by the USAA staff, because it was not a post! Now I am emotionally involved! I feel bad, sad, and happy for her, because she is doing something good!


Then I read a disclosure at the very bottom of the page. USAA does not endorse or support the contents of posts…………… I could not believe it. How could they write an article like that and not have the decency to endorse her actions. Then I looked further. I looked at the entire web page, thinking all the while, about the claim that USAA helped this woman. How? On the right hand side of the article was a list of financial specialists. All with Pictures, names, qualifications and specialties! There was actually more space dedicated to the internal advertising and cookie links than to the article itself. They wanted the reader to know that if they fell into a similar situation as this widow, USAA financial advisors are there to help!   I do not consider that help, when it is a paid for service! A product. As far as the help that USAA provided this widow and all the widows that she has recommended to join the USAA that is unclear. Since USAA in their normal operating policy of only telling you what you want to hear, I believe they did no more than help her open a checking account, a savings account, some investments, and then wait for the thousands of other widows and surviving spouses to call USAA so they can deposit that check! That’s the way USAA does business! They are making millions on this Article, because we feel a sense of loyalty to do business with them. But it is a false sense of loyalty created by experts to appeal to your emotions and give you just enough information to make a decision, but not enough information to make an informed decision. I hope you understand the difference.


The models that are in military uniform, saluting the Red white and blue Flag of the United States of America, are paid for their images that are plastered all over USAA website and magazines! They gave a woman that generated millions of free advertising for USAA a Gold Star! They took her heart felt posting, turned it into a piece of propaganda that they will make millions on! They gave her a Gold Star!

They didn’t place a disclosure under that image of the man in uniform saluting the flag. Should have had a disclaimer stating that the model is paid or compensated for the publication of the image!   This makes you think it is real! Department of Defense regulations specifically prohibit the use of Uniformed Military for the purpose of advertising. Not even for products the Military buys and uses! So it is not real! They paid this guy to salute a flag and they gave the widow of a fallen hero, a Gold Star. ShameonUSAA!   This is done too many GOLD star stories. Every one of them with a row of specialists specifically chosen for the content of the article! To make you believe that USAA is helping. Providing a service, selling a product, or providing customer service for the product or services that you pay for is not called “Help”. It is a required part of doing business.


Help? This is help!                                                     

A Disabled Veteran who is down and out, waiting for the compensation check that he do desperately needs and deserves. Does USAA loan him the money to hold him over? To get him into an apartment or a house while waiting for a check that all these Military Experts at USAA know he is going to receive? Do they loan him the money? Maybe he should write in big bold letters on his Cardboard house that USAA denied me a loan! No job, bad credit, but a military family member in need of real help. Show me a copy of the check that USAA gave him before he actually received his benefits and I’ll eat it on YouTube! If he would have walked into a USAA office, he would have been escorted out of the building when he should have been given a cup of coffee, a sandwich, and a hearty thank you for your service!


How about the wife with three kids that didn’t know when she moved back home to a different state when her husband deployed for an indefinite period, that her car insurance premiums would increase, and her policy was cancelled. Did USAA give her a chance to fix the issue? Not according to the complaints I am seeing posted.


About complaints! There are hundreds and hundreds of unhappy USAA members. Why is USAA ignoring them, letting them go! Telling them we are sorry for losing your business! Goodbye! The past couple of years the Forum has become more of a complaint board than anything else! Growing faster than mold in a wet room.   USAA does not care about the one individual account. They have over 10 million other accounts and thanks to people like the unfortunate Widow article, have thousands of possible new members every week! With much bigger checks to deposit.




Credit: USAA and all their military experts are completely aware of the credit issues the military faces but do they do anything about it? NO they have their strict guidelines. They are a bank, not the AMERICAN LEGION or a Military Assistance Group. Not only is USAA aware of the credit issues that the military faces, they actually use it to increase their profits. Credit scores liquid. They change all the time! Depending on the type of credit you have, the companies you have credit with, your bill paying habits, what day you pay your credit cards can be really significant, and some things you are not completely aware of, but USAA is! Car Financing. USAA is a big company in Car Financing. They have many companies under their flag that can do your loan and even your insurance. If you applied for a car loan and they didn’t get your car insurance, you can be assured that somebody received a counseling! (MILITARY JARGON). USAA also underwrites car loans, which can be confusing. When one company says no, and a USAA company says possible, or yes, then they write the loan. The same thing with Insurance! Credit scores affect your interest rates. The lower the score the more you are going to pay in interest! Simple enough. By owning a number of Finance companies that specialize in car loans, USAA can effectively keep you from ever seeing what some of the other banks would have loaned you and the interest rates offered. In other words, you may have been able to get that 35K car from a different Finance company for 2-3 or even 6 percent less and never know it. The rate would of course depend on your credit score but even that is manipulated to a degree. Yes you may have been able to save money! You didn’t even know it, because they are not going to tell you. Now had you said something to the effect like challenging their interest rate while you have them on the phone, you can negotiate because the Finance guys that you are talking to have a list of Finance companies that have already decided to loan or not to loan you the money and the interest rate that they want. USAA has room to negotiate it most cases, but they are not going to tell you that. What they will do is Contract you at the highest possible rate they can get! That’s how they make money in the car business. Remember USAA does not offer any discounts. Now if you were actually at a car dealership, the Finance manager could get you a lower rate based on basically the same information, but he is using the banks that are reliable for getting the best rates. Of course they too will try to contract you at the highest interest rate if you let them. That’s what they call back end money!   USAA does not even have to finance your car themselves to get the backend money. All they have to do is the Contract!


Manipulating your credit!   You have seen some examples above! There is more. When you log on to USAA and go to your accounts scroll down you see your credit Monitor. This is a supposedly free service exclusive to USAA members. You decide for yourself.   Your credit monitor lets you know when there are changes in your credit!   Experian Credit Services owns the service and of course not endorsed or recommended by the USAA. You actually have to leave the USAA website to use it, but don’t have to sign back in when you return. You figure out who owns who? To get your credit scores you have options to choose from. All scores or one, and a report. Of course you pick the report, which happens to be the Experian report. Now having looked at these services quite extensively, Experian is pretty good about having the latest data. So the score is somewhat accurate depending what day you pull the report. Remember the credit cards! That statement date is the information submitted to the Credit Bureaus. Does not matter if you pay off your cards completely. Whatever balance you have on the statement day is what is reported! Now your car loan is in progress. You are approved but the credit score that USAA gives you is not the same as the one you looked at while you were applying for the loan. How is that possible? One reason is that USAA uses Equifax as their primary credit information provider. Not Experian! Check your loan and credit disclosure and see if that don’t raise your blood pressure a little bit. Enough of that you get the picture. Not the nice military family picture that USAA painted for you either.


In Closing, I wanted to refer to Major General Retired. Robles statements that he made while departing USAA as the CEO in his 2014 letter to the membership!


No other organization cares more for the military than USAA!


I believe it but not for the same reasons he believes we would think. To state that a Civilian Owned and operated corporation that profits from each and every customer it has, can say that they care more about the military than the military and leaders in the military care for the servicemen.   What is disgrace? What a slap in the face to every leader in the Armed forces, what a disgrace to every true Military non-profit organization and fraternal organizations.


How dare a Major General drawing six digit figures for being a puppet CEO, for a civilian Financial Corporation dare say that USAA cares more for the military than the military?


How dare a board of Retired Generals and Admirals sit there and draw their big checks, when none of them have the qualifications to be a bank teller, much less a board director of a bank! What experience do they have in Finance? Insurance? Stocks, Bond, securities. Is there a single board member with an Insurance or Mortgage license? It’s all perception.


You can dress a Terrorist up in a military Uniform, put him in front of a United States Flag and have him salute. You would think that it’s a patriotic soldier, but with USAA, who knows what it is. Masters of perception, misinformation, false claims, deceptive practices. Failure to properly disclose information. They should be in jail! We have been tricked into buying these lies and it will not stop until we do something about it.


Together we are the greatest fighting force in the world. Together and only together can we make USAA do what is right and ethical? They must be made to abide to the laws of this country and be held accountable in court for their actions.




Chuck George

Wow that is a lot of reading; I was only able to get through the first part concerning eligibility. Unfortunately, in today’s “twitter” society, anything over 140 characters probably won’t be read by many.


“Eligibility for membership to the USAA seems to be very clearly stated and appears to be solely for the military. Unfortunately this is not the complete truth and USAA goes out of their way to make it appear otherwise. In fact this membership eligibility is a very ambiguous and confusing criteria. It is statistically driven and not really enforced to just allow military and family members to join!”


Actually, membership in USAA is only open to U.S. military service members, veterans with an honorable discharge, and their eligible family members. Specifically


  • Active, retired and honorably discharged officers and enlisted personnel of the U.S. military
  • Cadets and midshipmen at U.S. service academies, in advanced ROTC or on ROTC scholarship, plus officer candidates within 24 months of commissioning
  • Individuals whose parents have or had USAA auto or property insurance
  • Former USAA members who had auto or property insurance
  • Widows, widowers and un-remarried former spouses of USAA members  who had USAA auto or property insurance while married.

There are some products that are available to individuals with no military affiliation, but those individuals would not be members. Membership requires issuance of a policy of USAA insurance and that membership continues as long as the member has any insurance policy in force with USAA.

Yes sir.  I have read it over and over again.  I also read the other Internal clarifications when you do a search for eligibility.


I can understand your concernes an your loyaly.  I am not trying say anything that is contrary to the USAA statements. 


The eligibility requirements seem solid and unbreakable, but again is based on a marketing strategy that appeals to the military but if you go strictly by the numbers, almost anyone can become a member.


You did bring up a good point concerning customes that are not USAA members but enjoy the same benefits.  Something that I have been researching, but the rhetoric used by USAA concerning this exemption from membership is very confusing.  Many of USAA policies are defined in thier operation procedures pages but read like a Diagnostics manual for the Mentaly ill.  You have to have three bananas, two oranges an a pinapple, but if you have three apples and a box of strawberrys will suffice! 


This is precisely my issuse with USAA.  They do not make things clear enough for the consumer to be able to make an informed decision when they fail to disclose the claims of fame!


Yes I tok a great deal of time to write that letter when I should have been working on the website, but I want people to understand that there is a way to do business, and a way that is not.  USAA stand in the middle pointing in to directions when you ask for directions! 


USAA wokes with the White House.  Another statement that unclarified would make you believe they have special access to the President.  If you say you are doing something that can affect the decisons of the consumer, that information has to be disclosed.  The FTC rules in general regarding this issue are for one reason!   The question after you buy!  Woukld you have engaged or entered into commerce or purchase had you known the whole truth!  My opinion is no!  If the USAA members had known the whole truth and had full diclosure on Marketing strategies alone,  many would not have joined.  The military does not like being made a fool of. 


My issues are valid and from what I a have noticed, I am not the only one concerned.  We all want good service, good products at a fair market price.  With USAA being a one stop shop for the military, we have nothing to compare to excepot what USAA allows us.


Not trying to win you over , but I feel if I can at least make you understand the issues, I will have gained!  it is all about choice!  The FTC is there to make sure that we have a choice and disclosure about a product or service.  How many times have you read about people loosing policies or coverage, and USAA says it is in the fine print!  The reasons, but when you shop online it is difficult to even find the fine print.  They are making some minor changes, but they need to take those misleading pictures off the website.


We as members have the right to expect the USAA to operate within the law and operate withing the ethical standards of the military community because they claim to be part of it , even if they are not.  You can not have two sets of ethical standards. 



"The eligibility requirements seem solid and unbreakable, but again is based on a marketing strategy that appeals to the military but if you go strictly by the numbers, almost anyone can become a member."


Your statement above is incorrect and unsupportable.  If what you say was true, my mother and sister would love to become members of USAA.  Unfortunately, they do not meet the eligibility requirements.  While my father was a veteran, like his father before him, they were both enlisted and at that time were never eligible for USAA.  Even though I am retired military, I can only pass my eligibility on to my children, but not to my sister or mother.  

"There are some products that are available to individuals with no military affiliation, but those individuals would not be members. Membership requires issuance of a policy of USAA insurance and that membership continues as long as the member has any insurance policy in force with USAA."


Not exactly true.


There are at least two types of members and USAA has stated this numerous times. 


There are  "insurance-qualified" members.  Why do you think they use the term "members who are qualified for USAA property and casualty insurance" if, as you stated, "membership requires issuance of a policy"?  


Further, it is untrue that membership requires members to have a policy at all times.  Once you have had a policy, even if you let it lapse or cancel it you are still a member. 


From time to time USAA opens the doors to members of the general public.  Now, though, the doors are closed. Or are they?  If you live in the same county where USAA HQ is located, you are allowed to join.  It's always been this way.  They, like the untold numbers of non-military affiliated citizens who have joined USAA and have active bank accounts are members. USAA refers to them as members. But they are not "insurance-qualified members".  


Please try to improve your accuracy.

FullBird scribbled: "There are  "insurance-qualified" members.  Why do you think they use the term "members who are qualified for USAA property and casualty insurance" if, as you stated, "membership requires issuance of a policy"?  


Further, it is untrue that membership requires members to have a policy at all times.  Once you have had a policy, even if you let it lapse or cancel it you are still a member." 


USAA Bylaws



Section 2. Membership of a person eligible under Article II, Section 1 shall commence with the
issuance of a policy of USAA insurance to that person by an authorized representative and the
execution of a subscriber’s agreement and power of attorney to the attorney-in-fact, as described in
Article II, Section 3. Membership shall continue so long as the member has any insurance policy in
force with USAA, except as otherwise provided in Article II, Section 5


Termination of Membership

Section 5. The board of directors or any so authorized representative of USAA may terminate any
membership. Proper notice of cancellation or nonrenewal of all insurance will constitute such
membership termination. Any member may terminate his or her membership by canceling or
nonrenewing all of his or her insurance.


FlullBird squawked: "Please try to improve your accuracy."


Looks like you really should be taking your own advice.

Like you, DSTEXAS, I'd also conveniently skirt around answering to the issue if it made me look like a fool. 


The be fact is the bylaws you Google warriored pertain to the USAA RIE. When it comes to banking and financial products, USAA has at least a dozen other types of memberships. 


By by the myopic quote you posted, your daughters are not members though on another thread you cried how they were. 


USAA Bylaws:


Eligibility Section 1. Eligibility for membership shall be as defined and determined by the board of directors in each of the following categories:

(a) Commissioned, warrant and non-commissioned officers in the United States Services; cadets, midshipmen, and other candidates for commissions therein.

(b) Regular employees of USAA and its subsidiaries.

(c) Former members of USAA.

(d) Widow(er)s of persons qualified under (a), (b) or (c) above, so long as their status is not changed by remarriage.


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