USAA Helping the Coast Guard During the Government Shutdown


I simply wanted to thank USAA for coming to the rescue of the Coast Guard troops who are now going without pay during the Shutdown. If USAA wants to open a Go-Fund-Me site, i would be proud to donate.


Unfortunately due to ethos restrictions and limitations to what can be received- the best way to donate is through the Coast Mutual assistance:









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One thing that bothers me the most is not treating ALL USAA members the same, offering the same products, and same benefits.  We are all members of USAA, no matter what agency or job series we are.  To only offer certain products to a certain group of members is discrimination, plain and simple.  USAA has failed, and even if they implemented a correction at this point, its too late.  Navy Federal Credit Union and the Justice Federal Credit Union got ahead of this situation and offered products and benefits to ALL of its members.  Very sad, I would have never expected this type of discrimination from USAA, and not valuing all of its members that come from all areas of the federal government.  


Check this out from Navy FCU - 


Here is the link for those members whom need assistance:|cont|4|clns|shutdown|govshutdown...

Last Eligible Direct Deposit of PayLoan Amount

Up to $500
$501 to $1,000
$1,001 to $1,500
$1,501 to $2,000
$2,001 to $2,500
$2,501 to $3,000
$3,001 to $3,500
$3,501 to $4,000
$4,001 to $4,500
$4,501 to $5,000
$5,001 to $5,500
$5,501 to $6,000
Greater than $6,001



Navy FCU is offering this assistance to ALL of its members, what a novel idea.


Immediately after posting this, I am moving all of my financial accounts and products to Navy FCU.  




You got lucky.  They screwed the rest of us.  We are having to move to Navy Fed for help.  I will never forget this.  

@Jabhulon, We are sorry to hear you are disappointed. We will pass your feedback along to the appropriate team ~ Samantha