I have been dealing with USAA since April of last year about storm damage that is still not completly repaired. The contractor USAA certified to do the repairs caused thousands of dollars in damage to my home making teh repairs. USAA quickly denied coveing repairing the damage claiming "The damage is from improper construction" . I have lived in the home for 8 years but it was built in 84 so how would I know how it was constructed until there was an issue.


I have previous contractors and city inspection reports that show my house's recent renovations in the area where the damage occured by USAA Contractors is, and video footage of how hard the roofers were dropping shingles onto my room to cause the damamge.  The brought out an 80 year old engineer that could sue his camera who told me my house was more level than his house and showed no signes of founation issues. Yet USAA claims the report states that my house has serious foundation issues and its another reason they will not repair the damage their contractor caused.


I am taking the contractor to court and thinking about doing the same with USAA. I have asked for the engineer report but they refuse to share it, they also tell me I have to call in to talk to them, they dont have the time to call and speak to me as a customer, instead they want to take my premiums, deny claims and refuse to offer a shred of courtesy to veterans or members of USAA for the past 20 years.


Although our situation is slightly different I recommend that you hire an attorney.  USAA has jerked us around regarding roof replacement for over 18mos.  Huge storm damage in April '15 with 95% of roofs replaced by insurance companies in neighborhood.  Including one other from USAA.  Our claim was denied b/c USAA butted heads with the original inspector.  Since then 3 inspectors including 2 paid for by USAA have all agreed that our roof has suffered hail and wind damage.  Still denied so we hired an attorney and seeking a jury trial.