I recently learned of USAA through a co-worker. My father was retired from the US Army many years ago, and has since passed away. Am I still eligible as a child of a military veteran to some or all of the benefits of USAA even though he is no longer with us?


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Yes, but they are not a reputable company and are more expensive. I suggest you go elsewhere.

Based on...?  Give details, because all evidence is to the contrary.

I haven't comparison shopped for prices, but I completely reject the assertion that USAA is not reputable. After over 40 years as a USAA member, their service has been superior in every way.

Yes, you are eligible to full benefits, if your sponsor was a member.  I have banked at other, public banks, and find USAA far superior, and higher in integrity.  Look at their overall rating and reviews, not a couple general, unspecified gripes.