I have been a member of USAA for 57 years. 18 years as an adolescent and 39 years as an Army Officer. In all that time I have never missed a payment and total claims less than 10K over the same time frame. I called to stop their auto payment withdraw while I switched banks. I was 20 days late getting USAA setup for payment with my new bank and they canceled my insurance. I paid the amount they said was not collected and asked them to get the my insurance reinstated. They were more than happy to reinstate my insurance but with a $125 per month increase. After 6 phone calls over 5 days and 3 hours of conversation USAA stated my 39 year pay history and time dedicated to their company is no longer a consideration when quoting their insurance premiums and their premium hike is within the limits my state of residence allows. I contacted GEICO and was given a rate better than I had with USAA with identical coverage. As far as my family of 9 and I are concerned USAA is no longer a service member provider. They have become just another commercial insurance vulture without any consideration of their own historical demographic or the men and women of our armed forces who earned the right to have USAA coverage as Officers. I used to feel privileged to have USAA as a service member to provide something good for my family and worked hard to protect any asset they insured to maintain the relationship. They need to drop the name United Services Automobile Association because its no longer their core agenda. Anyone insured with USAA or considering coverage should call GEICO before you waste years of payments as a dedicated customer only to find out your military service, prior payment history, or the amount of family members you insure has absolutely no value to this company. I wasted 57 years on them.


Condor060 - We never want any member to feel like this. I have located your information. I will engage a team to review the situation and contact you. I appreciate you reaching out to us today. - Jason

@USAA    Why does someone have to post on this site for a possible resolution?  And of course, another cookie cutter answer from USAA.   It does get frustrating to see the same response from USAA over and over again. 

Cookie cutter answers are all they have!!!! Find a better bank and leave. uSAA is horrible.

I too have been a long term USAA Member (25 years) and have slowly been being priced out of the company.  My wife and I insured our previous home which was literally around the block from our current home.  When we moved into the now home, I was quoted $6,300  a year for my homeowners policy.  I live in Houston, so I justified the price being higher by telling myself that it was USAA, and if anything went wrong, I wouldn't have to worry.  A year later, my rate was increased to $7,800 a year.  No claims, no changes.  They explained to me that the cost of rebuilding my house had increased.. I have a 4500 sqft brick home that I paid $340K for.  I fail to see how it could cost almost $650K to build a home considering you don't have to repurchase the land or repour the slab is it were a total loss.


I chose to take my business elsewhere when they refused to reprice the policy.  The policy with Lloyds of London cost me $4300 a year for exactly the same coverage.  2 years later, on a lark I had USAA quote the policy again.  The quote this time was $12,500 a year.  I politely declined and renewed the Lloyds policy for $3,900 this year.


These is something that is VERY MUCH amiss at USAA recently...

Good evening Jese thank you for taking the time in providing this feedback on the homeowners rates you have been quoted with. We never want our members to feel this way and will have a subject matter expert look into this for you and reach back out. - Ralph

It happened to me this month too sir. Ive been an insurance customer since the day I was legal to drive. 1992. So thats close to 30 years. I lost my job last June and have been working hard to start my own business, finally at 43 years old. Closing a door, but finding an open window.
I had been in contact with customer service on and off during this period and prior to this had never in my 27 odd years as a customer missed a payment. 10 days after I made a $250 payment, i was canceled without notice. I only found out about it when I called in to make my monthly payment, meaning that for two weeks I was driving around, sometimes with my clients in the car, completely without coverage. I guess this is the way USAA does things now.
I was told that if, when I paid my $250, the amount that was quoted to me, I had paid an additional $13, I would have avoided cancelation. I have this on audio recording.
I also asked why, since I had been in contact with USAA regarding a claim recently, that it was never mentioned that I was at risk of cancelation. The rep didnot have an answer for me but agreed with me that it made no sense. I also have that footage on tape.
He did tell me a letter had been mailed to me. The day before i made my $250 payment. When I received the letter i thought i was in the clear because of the dates and when i made my payment. I alsoasked why i received NO email notification and no call specifying cancelation and the deadline date. I received an email, yes. The day i made my payment of $250. Once again...thought I was in the clear. After the 14th of March there was no other notification, and no mention of it as i dealt with my adjuster extensively on the existing claim.
Obviously, our tenure with this company means nothing, and USAA has become just another insurance company that could care less about its customers.
Thank you for mentioning Geico. They are my next stop. I am crushed and actually surprisingly emotionally hurt by the treatment I have been afforded, and am wondering if this is just a blessing in disguise as USAA circles the drain of decency.
Maybe we are better off. Maybe we are lucky compared to those who will stay and never know when this or worse might happen to them.
What a shameful company this has become. Such a disappointment in a world that needs so.e stalwart loyalty from businesses toward customers. Its not easy to do the right thing. USAA has obviously grown weary of it. Values lost. Integrity no more.
Scott Schuster
Former Customer of 27 years

@DentonFender, I'm sorry for the experience you've had with your policy and for the frustration caused. This is definitely not how we'd like you or any of our members to feel. I'd like to have this reviewed further on your behalf. I want to confirm that I was able to locate your profile and have forwarded it to the best team for additional review. I appreciate your time. -Lori

Lori I appreciate your willingness to help but usaa left me. Not only left but abandoned me! Im an adopted child, Im particularly sensitive to such things. But im also a vet and a survivor. Im also 43 years old and old enough to know that companies dont turn around and apol9gize for things they do. So when whatever review team comes back to me with an insulting decision of either paying my policy up front because im not "trustworthy" or just flat out denying me....Ill already be with another company. I cant allow a gap in my coverage.
The only reason I havent spread the word to my whole family (who have been custoners alot longer than myself) is because my parents are currently in Morocco and my aunt just passed away yesterday. It is an understatement to say this is the last thing I need.
I have $73 in hand, as I did last night to make my payment until I was hit in the face with this betrayal. I have to have insurance. Immediately. I cannot work if i cannot drive. Im physically sick over this. If you knew what my past year has been like you would understand. These type of things are starting to kill me. Literally.
Let me clarify the yes I received an email. Which is how I opted to receive all my notifications. I dont like extra paper junking up my inbox and im more easily reachable by email. But the email I received 9nly says please make a payment. It doesnt specify that i was to be cut off! And I received it right after making a large lump payment so I treated it as "the matter was already handled, please disregard this notice". Its clear to see the crossed wires and miscommunication in this timeline of events. My BIG GIANT questions are why didnt i receive an email CLEARLY warning of impending doom? why no call? Any reasonable person would ask the same.