I have been a customer for 25 plus years, never not paid a bill in my LIFE.  Have a real FICO score of 765 this month and USAA Bank is:


1) Holding every deposit I make 10 days, even though it only takes 2 or so days to clear a check?  Yes they are.

2) The top ten banks in the USA, not one does not clear a check in 2 business days and most can do immediately (apparently USAA has given up on this new technology like computers and the internet and prefers horses or something)

3) I have "lost the privledge",  an exact quote from increasingly difficult and misinfomred USAA bank agents, and have been told that for 1 year I cannot use mobile deposit.  For what reason I have no idea.  They kept denying the same request from Citibank to pay my credit card bill there, 3 times, charged be a fee and have completely ignored the fact I pay every bill every time and  only have a 25 year history with of doing so.


My grandfather was gassed by the Germans in World War One.

My father was a first leutenant in the Army at Aberdeen Proving Grounds.

My uncle was a US Army Officer

My other Uncl was a  US Army Officer.

My grandfather was a captain the in the Pacific in World War II.  If you notice Douglas MacArthur "returning to the Phillipines" as the door comes down on his landing craft and he is walking ashore onto the beach, please note the huge supply ship in back of his because that is the ship my grandfather captained.  


Sorry I am just a member of this family.  Apparently you have higher standards.  My accounts at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Chase, ETRADE, PSECU and CB&T as well as Fidelity, all in perfect standing don't count either.


Neither do my two letters two the CEO of USAA count either.


I have never once not paid a bill. EVER.  I am so angry at USAA I have spend some thinking about not only what a ridiculous inconvenience for me this is but what, appears to be a very serious, planned, implemented and ongoing policy to generate large fees for the bank that I consider illegal and are at least unethical.  By any reasonable measure or evaluation.


Whoever is running the bank unit should be demoted and they should find someone who can take the training manual and update things like CUSTOMER SERVICE. They are and have been aware of this policy for a long-time.  And as such they  are party to, what i allege, is deliberate criminal activity.  Its very clear and that accusation is very supportable.


But what would I know.  I only have worked succesfully at Bear Steams. Credit Suisse, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch.  So I don't know anything about customer service.


Except that this is such bad service, with agents lying to my ear,  that I have greatly lost respect for USAA and will take the time to post this note in all its glory.


Banks makes mistakes, People make mistakes.  All forgiveable and fixable. This is outrageous. Worst customer service by any financial instiution I have ever dealt with.  This should have been fixed when I first called.  Or maybe the second.  But now, its a serious matter.  USAA seems to have an entreched policy to rip off its least financially able customers and I am in a position to help.


Anyone looking for a bank.  Try anywhere else.  


USAA is a great company.  The banking unit was a very good institution and maybe parts still are.  But retail customer service is HORRIBLE.  People need to be fired and people who understand customer service need to be REINSTATED.  They used to be there.  Yes?


I would like to answers to my questions and the issues raised in this letter.


Is USAA doing this 10 day hold to generate fees from  a group of customers least able to pay them?


For the last three years, how much in fees has USAA generated from charging customers fees for the period of times in excess of the time it takes to clear a customers DEPOSIT.  If the fed takes 2 business days at most. to clear a check, and they do, how can USAA hold it for 8 more days.


And the fees USAA pocket during this 8 days is how much.  I would like the data for the last three years.  The customers who you charge these fees to are the ones most in need of their cash.   


Properly put the some total of all these funds is a FORCED interest free loan from USAA's poorer retail customers to USAA Corporate totaling in the many millions of dollars on a daily basis. For providing this free loan to USAA, USAA also charges big fees to retail customers for denying them access to cash that is, without a doubt, their money? YES USAA does.  


THIS IS INSANE. IF NOT CRIMINAL.  I think we might need the Attorney General of the State of Texas and Mr. Holder himself to take a look at what is. in my opinion, the intentional manipulation of USAA customers by USAA banking executives, to boost fee income for the banking division.   Maybe a criminal charge?  Yank USAA's bank license or maybe a large fee or penalty.  There are many regulatory agencies that will not stand for the willful fleecing of retail customers in such a brazen manner.    Or at least its securities license. I just happen to be one of a  very small number of people in this country who have cleared all regulatory requirments to not just sell securities but to run an full service investment bank, such as Merrill Lynch.  


USAA is being unfair and unethical.  And thats not my opinion. Its a fact and a very serious matter that USAA better address.   


I would like the hold removed from my checking account and an apology.


I would ask any fees that USAA has charged customers for this extended holding period be refunded along with a 100% penalty paid in addition.  I would ask USAA to pay interest on the overnight funds it used from customer accounts at at an APR of 8.0% plus a fee of $29 per day for each day it used a customer's fund in this regard.  This is the same fee USAA charges customers when they bounce a check.  You can pay the same.


Please send your response to my address on file (Chicago). I can be reached at 949-215-5001.


This is my 3rd letter over several months.  Sanda, from Mr. Josue Robles' office, the CEO of USAA,calle in response my first letter to Mr. Robles..  She was very nice, but nothing has happened.  I sent  a second letter and still nothing has happened.  Sandra has been very nice but nothing has happened.   But she was very friendly and did make a sincere effort to assist a customer.  Very nice.   However, the bank representives, especially a women supervisor who took over one hour  to take my call,  seemed to enjoy torturing customers, lied to me treated my with such utter disdain and contempt that I decided to call her on her lies and rude service and write these letters and ask these questions. 


She should be fired.  Other less senior banking reps. that I spoke with, need at least better training, more authority to handle basic customers issues and not be placed in very awkward positions that through no fault of their own, make their jobs unnecessarlity difficult and result in poor customer service.


Very Truly Yours,


James Moore






First of all, welcome to USAA and the USAA Member Community Forum.


Thank-you very much for your (and your family's) long service to our country.


Now as for your question.


1. In these days of Check 21 (which was signed into law on October 28, 2003, and became effective on October 28, 2004) it is very hard to fully understand USAA's Policy on holding checks.


  • I comment on USAA's Hold Policy in this post.

2. Here are two quotes from the Federal Reserve FAQ about Check 21 found here:



How will Check 21 make check processing more efficient?

Instead of physically moving paper checks from one bank to another, Check 21 will allow banks to process more checks electronically. Banks can capture a picture of the front and back of the check along with the associated payment information and transmit this information electronically. If a receiving bank or its customer requires a paper check, the bank can use the electronic picture and payment information to create a paper “substitute check.” This process enables banks to reduce the cost of physically handling and transporting original paper checks, which can be very expensive.

Will Check 21 increase the speed with which checks are cleared between banks?

The speed of check-processing already has increased in response to check-system improvements other than Check 21. Thus, even now, once a check is deposited with a bank, it is almost always delivered overnight to the paying bank and debited from the checkwriter's account the next business day. Check-processing speeds should continue to increase, over time, as banks make further operational changes in response to Check 21. That means money may be deducted from your checking account faster. Before you write a check, it's always best to make sure your checking account has enough money in it to cover the check.



3. I have never heard of the situation your describe in paragraph 3 or your post where you state "have been told that for 1 year I cannot use mobile deposit". This may have been "just talk" by an un-informed USAA Member Service Representative. I would try to use Deposit@Mobile to see if it truly blocks you.


4. Maybe one of this Forums Moderators can help you elevate your issues better since they work for USAA.


5. While I know you have contacted USAA in the past, here are some methods, some of which you might not of considered.


  • You could click here to Start an Email Conversation With USAA.


  • You can try to contact USAA via their Twitter Response Form (please include your member number)


  • You could send an email to socialmedia@usaa.com, with all the details of your situation (be sure to include your member number).


  • You can call 1-800-531-USAA (8722) and speak to one of USAA's Member Service Representatives whom will be happy to assist you. They are open 6 a.m. to midnight CT, 7 days a week.

Hope I have provided some help.

They just did the same thing to me and I've promoted USAA ever since I became a member more than 20 yeras ago.  So far they haven't said my mobile@ home deposit service has been terminated but if they have, I, too will move on.  I just had my son set up his first credit carsd with USAA but he has other offers - I just recommended he use USAA.  Other companies are offering the same services.  I wonder if USAA has lost its sense of who it is and who they serve.  So many things are losing their value these days. I guess it was inevitable that USAA would, too, but I am very sad to see that happen.

This happened to us too. They hold every check deposited to UPS and won't let him access mobile deposit or at home deposit. I am going to see how long it takes to credit mail in deposits to see if that is any faster.

I'm livid with the lack of customer service that USAA now provides. I called and spoke with a Senior Customer Service Rep. WHAT A JOKE! I am just a STUDENT living paycheck to paycheck at my PART-TIME job. Yet USAA thinks it is okay to hold $250 on my $350 paycheck for 10 DAYS!!! I've been banking with them for close to 5 years now, and never had an issue until this month. Last paycheck i deposited had $300 dollars held. Because USAA is now screwing people out of their money, i had to pay late fees on my phone bill ($40) and could not put gas in my tank to go to SCHOOL. I'm now in the position that i have to pay for textbooks since its the beginning of the semester, buy supplies, and other necessities. I guess that's not important to them because NO textbook in college costs less than $100 to buy.  The Rep i spoke to said i should "manage my money better so i could keep more in my account." So, lets do the math, shall we?




"According to a study by the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (USPIRG), as of Jan. 27, 2014, the average American college student spends $1,200 per year on books and supplies, which is equivalent to 39% of tuition and fees at a community college and 14% tuition and fees at a four-year university."

(http://college.usatoday.com/2015/01/17/students-break-the-bank-to-buy-their-books/) There is the link to the article if you don't believe me.



I'm a full time student (13 hours or 4 classes)

4 textbooks at RENTED PRICES= $75-$100, so $300-$400 respectively. Remember, i don't get to keep these, i'm just RENTING!


Already, I can afford ONE textbook!! HOORAY!! 



Where I live, gas is $2.06. I know it doesn't seem like much, but that is the LOWEST PRICE 16 gallons x $2.06= $32.96. Once again, doesn't seem like much, until you think of driving to and from school EVERY DAY and to work 5 days a week and back. Starts to add up a bit... huh? I normally have to fill up 1 every week/1.5 weeks. 


so $32.96 - $65.92 every week or week and a half.


So far $332.96 - $465.92


Don't forget basic living necessities (food, bills, etc.)


We will even low ball this one at $150-$250 (even though we all know bills are WAY more) 


SO... Respectively, i'm looking at $482.96 - $582.96. 


HAH! Thanks for telling me i need to "manage my money better" or try and give me "financial tips" when you are holding over $250.00 consistently. You left me with $104, USAA. I can BARELY get by with what i make as it is. IT IS CLEAR THAT YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT PEOPLE ACTUALLY NEED TO USE THEIR MONEY FOR. 


You can say farewell to my accounts, USAA, as you are no longer servicing the people that NEED their money the most.




Go to Navy Federal, I used to have the same types of problems at USAA and you will lose your mind at how well NFCU treats you from day one by comparison.

Dear member,


I have replied to your initial comment here. Thank you.