USAA: Are they Hiding Link to Redeeming Credit Card Points for Gifts?

So unlike USAA....but clearly they are making it intentionally difficult to find the link to redeeming AMEX points that have been earned.


Always respected USAA's integrtiy...I now question this integrity.


Bottom line - where is the link to how to redeem points for the gifts?


Sent an email, with no response.




Just click on your AMEX statement page and look over at the right-hand side where it says REDEEM AMEX POINTS.


It's also on your USAA APP near the bottom where it says REDEEM AMEX POINTS.


They're not hiding it except in plain sight.

I am telling you it is not there, I use it all the time and it simply is not there anymore

I finally found it...

It's usually hard to find because it's relocated. But this time they've done an excellent job of hiding points redemption !!!

The page which carries the charges used to have the selection to the right, but the page now has NOTHING except charges, balances etc.

I've spent 45 minutes searching and give up.

Good news is that the points for flights is practically useless anyway because (1) they route you all across the U.S. to go to a destination 800 miles away...presumably to put you on empty flights and (2) there's little savings even for a bunch of miles.

Unlike USAA, but I think they've been sold a bill of bad goods.