Is there a number to reach Travel Services??? I keep seeing trip insurance and that's it




  1. Information about USAA Travel Services are found here. **(You could SAVE up to $600 with Vacation Points)

  2. The primary USAA Link for their Travel Service is located here. **(IMPORTANT: Use this link to get discounts)

  3. Clicking on link shown in #2 above will take you to Explore Cruise & Travel found here. **(External Link)

  4. The main phone number for Explore Cruise & Travel is 1-800-571-4208.

  5. The Facebook Webpage for Explore Cruise & Travel is found here. **(External Link)

  6. The BBB Information for Explore Cruise & Travel is found here. **(External Link)

    • Note: Explore Cruise & Travel is also known as

      International Cruise & Excursion Gallery, Inc., or;

      International Cruise & Excursions (ICE), Inc., plus;

      Several OTHER NAMES. (See BBB Alternate Business Names)
  7. IMPORTANT: Do not confuse with "Explore Travel and Cruises" (a totally DIFFERENT company).

Here are some EXTERNAL LINKS to some REVIEWS of Explore Cruise & Travel found on the web:


I hope this answers your question.

We used to have have a travel service to help book flights, airlines etc.  I have traveled all over the world by myself for 50 years and now need computer or preferably phone  help to book it.  Obviously by phone you sell only travel insurance and cruises.  Is that correct no help for a traveler other than thes? sad I now have to pay  AAA in addition to my fees and investments for you.  Disappointed for the first time in 50 years with USAA

.  Guess I'll have to join AAA in addition to my Usaa loyalties and benefits.  Thanks for no help at all, 6714792.

I agree with you so much that I need to keep quiet.  Things change.

I attempted to book 2 nights at a hotel at a specific location. St Simons Island, Georgia. I scrolled down after entering "St Simons Island, Ga" in the search bar, clicked on the correct location, reserved a room at the correct location, and then got a confirmation for a room at a different location.

Called members hotline and spoke with Jay. He tried to be very helpful but there is a strict no refund policy. (Which is fine and I agreed to but NOT with the location that showed up on the confirmation email). Jay suggested I try to ask the hotel manager for a cancellation and refund as the wrong location was booked.
Called the Best Western Plus in Brunswick Ga and spoke with "desk manager at the time", Maryanne. She told me that the reservation was non refundable and she cancelled one night but would not refund the night. I explained the situation to her of it being the incorrect location and her tone of voice changed dramatically. She became rather rude and stand offish, and cut me off when I tried to speak. I stated that I would tell people about my experience and to not book with that hotel anymore. I hung up. She called me back and threatened me saying that she knows Federal law enforcement and if I say anything about the hotel she will find out. I hung up on her again because she was threatening me.
This was my first time booking through Member Travel Privileges and as you can tell from above, it has been a nightmare that is costing me hundreds of dollars. And an insane angry woman threatening me with federal officer friends of hers. Not sure what kind of "service" this is, but I am appalled and furious. Just tried to book a nice room for me and my infant son for my graduation.
I'm surprised someone in USAA Corp doesn't see the need for travel services. While Explore travel has saved me cruise trip purchases, that is all they are good for. You need regular travel, hotel and rental car. You have to be missing a big segment here?