Can someone please tell me how to transfer money from my USAA acct into my daughters USAA acct. she's deployed and this would be the quickest way if I could find it ANYWHERE. I might just be missing it but I've searched. Thank you so much!


After logging into your account, (depending on whether your on mobile app or desktop computer). Mobile app - after logging on click on MY USAA in top L corner, a list of options will appear, click on transfer/deposit. Desktop, after logging on, I think there is a transfer/ deposit icon. Hope this helps!!!

Hi HotRodJordan,


1. Log onto USAA, scroll down your home page, there should be a box like this:

transfer funds 1.png

2.  You can also click on your checking account.

3. From checking account details page- look on the right hand side of the page there is:

transfer funds 2.png

 4. Click to expand "I want to" and select Transfer funds

transfer funds 3.png

5. Enter details for funds transfer:

transfer funds 4.png


In addition, If you have the mobile application you can also use the Send Money feature to send money.


I hope this helps!  Please let me know if you have any other questions!


Thank you for posting.